Friday, March 19, 2010

* My favorite house SOLD*

Last year, while taking a Sunday drive around one of my favorite neighborhood "Country place" in Mcallen I found a beautiful traditional home for sale. I begged Romeo to stop to take a peak through the window.. that's usually what i do before calling a Realtor (in this case it was for sale by owner) while peaking I noticed that some remodeling was taking place. I went back to the car so excited i could hardly contain myself..."Romeo you need to get off and see this house" and of course I had to literally get him down!..that's the usual course of events for us! after peaking, he too was impressed! So, of course I took it upon myself to call the owner and in less than 5 min he arrived with the key.. Walking in that home felt like home! had a large living room with a fire place and huge windows overlooking a nice pool. I immediately fell in love! The tile they chose was perfect! The dining room was separate from the living ahhh i thought.. then I walked into the master bathroom which wasn't completed.. The tub was turquoise the sinks were in brown, wallpaper was floral, but I still loved it! I thought well this will be quite a PROJECT!.. The owner told us he needed to sell and could no longer continue remodeling! The pool was in dire need of resurfacing and it could use some landscaping too! while I was busy calculating the expense in each room, Romeo was talking to the owner about the price!..the owner really wanted top dollar and wasn't going to budge! We made an offer and he refused!..I kept his cell number in my phone for over a year labeling it "Kiwi house man" and every now and then id drive by just to see if the house had sold..and it never did! Now we are ready.. so I called him and he told me that the house had sold not long ago. I was crushed!

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  1. Many more beautiful homes to come. Why don't you guys look in Austin??? : )"


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