Monday, February 24, 2014

A sweet reminder.

I was on a mission all this month to go out in my yard and get my toes in the mud. I wanted to
clean around the bushes, and get this place spruced up again, so 
the first chance I got, I went out with the baby and my
pruning shears.

I was in a hurry because I had her in the stroller
thought what if a she gets fussy and I can't finish? 

Then I was reminded

And , so I did.

I slowed down and took my time. When she got fussy, I took a  break.When she got hungry, I stopped and fed her. When she got sleepy, I went inside and laid her down. It took me a little longer
than it would have , but really does it matter? 

She is my constant reminder of how not sweat the small stuff
enjoy life at a slower pace.

And we are.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Three months.

Sweet Tealyn, I can't believe you are 3 months already.

I wish, I could just stop time 
hold you in my arms forever.

You have brought nothing, but pure joy to our lives.

You are growing so fast.

You are now stretching, kicking, cooing, smiling, babbling and sucking on your hand.
Your favorites are:
taking a warm bath and getting in the car seat.
You dislike:
heavy blankets and getting your arms though clothes.

You are now also taking longer naps and getting into a schedule.

And when you give us big smiles like this 
it just
melts our hearts.

Happy 3 months my sweet cup of Tea.