Thursday, April 22, 2010



When it gets a little cloudy...

And I get a little bored. I find a few ingredients to make a picture perfect brownie.

And I turn for just a split second..

And I find Romeo helping himself to a corner! And just like that goes my "Picture Perfect" brownie..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sacrament of Confirmation

Over the Week-end my niece Robyn Sky made her Sacrament of Confirmation! We were very proud of her! Her journey to this day took her 2 years of Catholic Catechism,countless hours of Community service and not to mention several over night and out of town retreats! I was honored to have been her Sponsor.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our Faith, We have 7 Sacraments. Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the sick.

The Sacrament of Confirmation unites us more firmly to Christ, increases the gifts of the Holy Spirit in us, renders our bond with the Church more perfect, and it gives us a special strength of the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith by word and action as true witnesses of Christ, We also, confess the name of Christ boldly, and never are we ashamed of the Cross.

The essential part of the Confirmation rite is when the bishop or priest places his hand upon the head of each individual. The bishop traces the sign of the cross on the person's forehead—having first dipped his thumb in the holy oil called chrism—and says, "Be sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit." The newly confirmed person responds by saying, "Amen."

We were truly Blessed to have met our NEW Bishop Daniel Flores!

The Castaneda Family..

Then off we went to continue the celebration!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Golden years

Have you ever wondered how you'd live in your golden years?.. I do all the time and I don't even have kids!... I'm sure that time will come for me as it has for my parents and their parents..
I dream of living in a mobile home park where they have Friday night dances and pancakes on Saturdays. I dream of getting my hair done on Tuesday mornings like the Winter Texans (Well maybe not!..I like my hair washed daily) having cocktails at 5pm and crashing by 9pm
I dream of getting involved in a Garden club or perhaps "The Red Hat Society Club" I dream of having fancy White gloved gourmet luncheons for my sisters in my peaceful, fresh, sweet-smelling Gardenia garden!
I dream of taking long slobbery naps under the dryer in the middle of the afternoon like Mrs King in the above picture!..I dream of wearing RED on Valentines Day and dancing the night away with my husband in the park hall!
I dream of swapping recipes with the younger ladies in the grocery store.I dream of sending delicious desserts along with a beautiful, hand written, scented, stationary note to my neighbors front door steps.
I dream of sitting on my back porch enjoying a nice tall glass of lemonade while admiring my garden and smell of Gardenia's, Esperanza's and Honeysuckle Bushes.

I dream of telling the doctors where they can STICK it for letting patients wait long hours in waiting rooms!...Yes, I think I'm going to love my Golden years!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Look who's turned 15

Meagan, I cannot believe you are 15 yrs old!..I still remember when you were born your mom called us and said "I was in the worse pain of my life" And "I don't know where she got that nose from?" She described you as being The most Beautiful Baby in Chicago!..She was so excited to bring you home and put those doll dresses on you!..

For a very long time you didn't have any hair! So they would put GIGANTIC head bows on your bald head.. Romeo and I would call you "Nellie Olson" you know the "Brat" from "The little house in Prairie" because your Mom and Dad would part your hair in the middle and give you 2 ponytails and curl your hair just like Nellie!

Then they would put you in the best church dresses for no particular reason other than it was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday well, you get the picture... Once, your mom called me and said "You need to run to Dillard's and look for the biggest bow you can find it has to be a Sunflower Bow" Back then there wasn't any cell phone cameras she just had to take my word that it was the biggest sunflower bow that I had found! Your dad would take his time cleaning your bottles sterilizing them making sure they were clean and ready to go into that diaper bag. Your Mom would make sure who ever was feeding you would take out all the air from your bottle! That drove me crazy...

You brought so much Joy into your parents life April 14th 1995!

Happy Birthday Meagan!

Monday, April 12, 2010

**House Hunting**

During Spring Break Romeo and I got Pre approved for a Home loan! As soon as we found out how much... We, ran out of there looking for the nearest real estate book! That day we drove around our favorite neighborhoods (well mine) looking for the perfect Traditional Home! But nothing! No houses for sale!!! We want to find a picture perfect one! You know the one...The one with the perfect Curb appeal that has the biggest Oak Trees nestled in the perfect neighborhood surrounded by wonderful neighbors that have the same interests you do!...PRIDE IN HOME OWNERSHIP!
We decided to drive through "NEW" neighborhoods to see what they had to offer..As far as I'm concerned THEY HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER BUT, "A NEW HOME" The homes are so close together you can literally pass the butter through the kitchen sink. The backyards only have about 2 ft of grass if any...And the homes look all alike!! Sorry that's not for me! And whats the deal with the BBQ pits?.. almost all had theirs in the front yard! Has anyone ever told them they belong in the back yard?...( a blog must!)

So, our quest continues..I have a few simple "WANTS"

1. Garage on the side or in alley.
2. A large Family Room.
3. A dinning Room NOT a nook/dinning room/breakfast bar.
4. A large Kitchen.. God knows I need one!
5. Beautiful landscaping!..(if not, I can always create one)
6. Curb Appeal..( if not, I can always create one!)
7. Large Lot!! (for Romeo)
8. Big Closets!! (my shoes)
9. Swimming pool (OK,that can come later) but, wouldn't it be nice?

Romeos "WANTS"

1. A huge back yard period!

All this at an affordable price of course!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

* Happy Birthday Rudy*

Today April 9Th would of been Rudy's 41st Birthday! Since his passing so many things have changed! But, one thing remains true he continues to live in our hearts and thoughts every day!
I have so many wonderful memories of Rudy..You probably don't know but, Rudy loved to play pranks especially on ME! For some reason I was a great target. Once, he programed a radio alarm to turn on at about 3am UNDER MY BED! The look on his face that morning was PRICELESS!
Another time, he put a bumper sticker on my car that read "I LOVE BILL" referring to Bill Clinton! As soon as I saw that I knew exactly who it was! He would laugh and with a smirk he would say "I promise that wasn't me!" Then there was the time when he hid my purse from me at the shop and I was going crazy looking for it! After a while He said "I did it to teach you a lesson you left your purse in the front chair" As he handed me the purse with a HUGE GRIN!!
Rudy was exceptionally CLEAN! He loved to organize EVERYTHING! He had a love for his home like no other.. His yard was always perfectly manicured! He loved to have those trees trimmed just right! There wasn't anything he wouldn't attempt... Once, Nathan threw a pair of tweezers down the toilet Rudy literally removed the whole toilet!..
Then there was the Garage door it was unbalanced and not working Rudy, worked what seemed hours in that Garage never complaining never giving up TILL IT WAS FIXED!
Rudy, was also a great man of Compassion he had a weak heart for the POOR!.. His heart would break when he would see a homeless person! He would be the first person to open his wallet!
Once, he saw a couple whom he knew (that had fallen between the cracks) at a local HEB they were full of MUD and had not eaten in days Rudy, wasted no time he put their bikes in his trunk and gave them a ride to McDonald's paid for their meal, and then gave them money! Then he brought them over to the shop so that we would continue helping them.
That was just the way Rudy was full of Love,Compassion and Integrity! A man of great love for his Family and God!

And although you may be gone Rudy, We will never forget you! You live forever in our hearts! And we continue to see little bits and pieces of you in your children!
Meagan has your fun spirit!~ Bailey has your Shyness,Compassion and Playfulness she is always playing pranks on her sister, AND loves to clean her drawers ~Nathan is ALL YOU ALL OVER AGAIN! He is determined to fix his broken toys all the time, and he is a GREAT HELPER!

We love and Miss you and look forward to one day seeing you! Rest in Peace!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

*Glimpses inside 1716 School Ln*

The other day,while visiting my sister's home my niece Robyn made a comment I thought was funny she said "Mom for my Confirmation all I want from you is for you to get a Pedicure!" As she sat next to my sister on the same couch sharing a quilt.. I couldn't help but laugh.. You see Melinda's doesn't spend her money on trendy shoes, name brand clothes, latest purses or even an occasional Pedicure. Her money goes directly to her PRIDE AND JOY her HOME!... So, while her toes may go unpolished her home is being POLISHED every chance she gets!..Her home is filled with precious treasures!

Lets go take Peak...You will know what I mean..

Welcome to 1716 School Ln..

St Jude

Gorgeous Oleander

Martin's Garden

The Grand Entrance..

I think she has replaced this floor 3 times..

As you walk in..
This Entrance Table instantly catches your eye!

She collects Blue Willow!

I got her this treasure!

Can you Smell the Coffee?

We spent countless hours looking for this Fabric that she had seen in a "Country Home" Magazine..It had to be the EXACT ONE!

Julio Our "To Go Guy" made this Bed!

Show him any picture.. He can do it!..

He will work out a Payment plan too!

This Picture is one of my Favorites! That was taken at My Wedding!

This is the path we are supposed to take when going to her back yard.. She tells us "I made it just for the "DELA'S"..we NEVER do it! Drives her Insane!

And this is where we eat when we BBQ..

Now you know what I mean?...And as Melinda says "My home means more than any purse, car, or piece clothing Its where I come home at the end of the day to unwind and enjoy" GOOD FOR YOU MEL...

Thanks for coming along!..Maybe, we can get a peak of Bey, Bobby and Ashley's home soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

* Dr Long and Bridget*

Still, as an adult every time I pass by this building that by the way, I was born in I get the "Hibbie Jibbies". This building brings back bitter sweet memories!.. First, I must admit that when I visit a doctor's office I literally have to "sike" myself!
And it all started with this building some 35 years ago!..My mother would bring my sisters, and I here every time one of us would get sick and all 3 of us would end up getting a SHOT!..

To begin with... Bridget "The Nurse" was my mothers personal friend ..When one of us would throw up, catch the flu, or get a fever my mom would waist no time calling Bridget! She had that number MEMORIZED!.

We would arrive at this building with one of us being sick not all of us... THAT'S WHEN THE DRAMA WOULD START! She would struggle getting us off the car! Then after a few minutes we would make our way inside.

I can still remember the smell, the white oval chairs along the window and the shiny floors! The crying would begin as she would sign us in. She would tell the nurse "DE Una Vez Todas"

My Sister Melinda was always the brave one! Her face would be a little scared but, she never cried! Bey and I on the other hand, would DRIVE MY MOM CRAZY! As we waited for our names to be called we would BEG our mom in Spanish "YO NO MAMI" and she would say "No Te Van A Ser Nada" So,we would start playing in those shiny floors running back and fourth!


I can still hear her..A VOICE I WILL NEVER FORGET! Melinda was always the brave one she always wanted to go first to get it out of the way she would close her eyes and squint while tears rolled down her scared face.

Bey and I had to be chased by my mom, Bridget and Dr long! We were fast! We always wore dresses, so they would catch us by our dress strings! We would shout "CACA PIPI"

To us, that was cursing! My mom was ALWAYS humiliated! We would hold my mothers legs for dear life!.. Imagine Bey on one leg, and me on the other! while Melinda in the corner already enjoying her lolly pop! It literally took the strength of 3 adults to hold Bey and I for that dreaded Shot!

After a while, Bridget would tell my mom to park in the alley and come through the back door right into the "SHOT ROOM" just to avoid all the DRAMA!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

* Late Bloomer*

Last year for Fathers Day I asked my dad what he wanted.. he replied "Nada Pero, si me queres dar algo me gustaria un Tulipan" nothing but, if you want to get me something I would like a Hibiscus! OK that's easy I remember thinking I wanted him to choose his bush so, I brought him along on this quest.. We went to a local nursery where we found many type of Hibiscus bushes. The lady showed us the exotic ones they are are huge, multi-colored, multi-shaped, splashy, and amazing. We chose a deep pink This is quite the showy plant featuring large, single, deep rose-pink flower with a blazing darker pink center. The bush had 3 buds so we were excited! We brought the bush home planted it in a nice Terra Cotta pot gave it some water and waited and waited... but, instead of blooming the buds fell off.. After about a month of hearing my dad say "el Tulipan nunca dio flor".. My mom decides to plant in the ground.. but, still it never bloomed until this Spring when I drove up and noticed the LARGE flower blowing lightly in the wind..

I could almost hear the Hibiscus say... "Happy belated Fathers Day"