Thursday, August 26, 2010


With so many choices, color schemes, and textures available I became overwhelmed when I thought about the color in the dining room. I wanted a warm, cozy, color while my sister Melinda, thought I should go with a cool, fresh, airy color. Romeo?..He didn't care he just wanted me to make up my mind once and for all!.. So, we literally went though almost all the color schemes at both Lowe's and Home Depot. We looked through magazines finally my niece Robyn said "Granny Smith Green" and we all agreed so, it took us another couple of days to get the right shade... Still, I wish I could have gone a bit darker...Maybe next year!.. Don't tell Romeo...

The Red paint was nice, but was chipping and the paint was a flat finish. Flat apparently is dirty.

So what do you think?... I don't have the after picture just yet.. why?.. because I'm still not finished, Still need my dining room chairs, more decor, etc etc...

I am buying furniture and decor as it becomes affordable AND praying it becomes affordable. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My front yard..

For weeks Romeo and I have been working on our new home from landscaping to painting to picking out furniture. I will get to those pictures in another blog but, first "My beloved yard"... As I mentioned before in my other blog we had no landscaping, all the trees were out of shape and obstructing the view of the house. After we "chopped off the tree" as the neighbor puts it, we started removing grass for the front flower bed and all while making some curves with a SHOVEL..

My nephew Clay pitched in and helped he was great! He always does what is asked and never complains!..We are lucky to have him in our lives. Thank you Clay!!

Did I mention it was 100+ degrees?

By this time, with all the brush at the curb, and half done landscaping the neighbors were giving us "THE LOOK" you know the look... "What have you done to the neighborhood look" They would drive by, slow down, and stare.. sometimes they would stop to introduce themselves. This gave us a chance to assure them that it would turn out nice.

We purchased a rock from Southern Stone in Donna and had it delivered.

This rock arrived in a bed of a semi-trailer and was then lifted by a fork lift. all this commotion for a 70 lb rock...

Two weeks later...

My mom helped me plant this... Can you see the improvement already?

The Olive tree and palm tree were here before about 3 ft apart. We created this kidney shape island to fill.

Can you smell the fresh cut grass?

We have a long way go.. more plants, mulch, landscaping lights, front porch furniture, and the list goes on... cant wait to show you more... by the way... Do you like my Summer flag?