Monday, May 18, 2015

When life gives you lemons....

Suck a toe!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself this little saying conveys everything I want to say.

Sometimes life does give you lemons. 

I  personally call them trials, and tribulations and oh boy they seem to come when everything is smooth sailing, when you are at your peak of bliss, when the sun is shinning brighter than ever, suddenly out of no-where


You are hit with a situation....

 So, today I ask God to give us strength to make lemon aide and to carry us through the little storms in our lives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fibi & Clo

I am so excited to share that I got a part of part time job with 

fibi & clo

And it happened by accident ..

I saw a pop up add on
I went to the page and I really loved their sandals, and wanted them all!!!

The love knot $30.00

So, I read about their company and I sent them an email..

A few days later I get a call from a representative.
and we started to talk ..
I told her I would join the team only under these conditions.


I just can't handle pushy sales people

And she agreed...
So, for a small investment...$185.00 I joined ... I got my kit of sandals a few weeks later and she set me up with a website

I am hosting my first party at my home mostly family.
here are some of the sandals...
I love them all! I already purchased two...

Coco Black $54.00

Positano $30.00

These are my next purchase... I think they would really look nice with my stretchy capri's

LOVE the ballet flats
and most of them are $30.00

Gold Cascade $49.50
Riviera Orchid just $15.00

Now you know why I want them all?

I am doing this PART- OF PART TIME...


 I don't want this to turn into a full time job. My baby still needs me. I just want to have fun,  enjoying meeting new people, all while making extra cash..

If you are interested in joining my team..send me an email or sign up at the website