Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome Fall

I enjoy this time of year because its the start of new beginnings. School starts, routines begin, Cooler mornings and evenings make it perfect for Football season. The leaves begin to change (at least in some parts of the country) and the clean brisk air floating though your open windows always smells like heaven, but best of all decorating season begins. You start to see more and more homes adding touches of fall to their homes. This year I couldn't afford to go all out and buy all new fall decor After all I'm still furnishing my home, but I did have a few things in my Fall bin. Take a look.

Believe it or not this corn is about 4 yrs old. How do I keep it fresh? when I'm through with the season I put in a zip lock bag with a few drops of Peppercorn oil, and it keeps it fresh and smelling amazing! When I take it out I add more oil This peppercorn aroma fills my whole home with a warm a blend of Autumn spices .

This is no Martha Stewart Table scape but it will do for now.

There is nothing like a flag flying! I fly this flag until the middle part of October my Halloween flag then goes up. then this flag comes back on until Thanksgiving.

Got this metal pumpkin wall decor 50% off at Hobby Lobby.

This Turkey did not look like this. This was broken from the neck and leg therefore I got it at a special price of $5.00 at Ross I came home and super glued it. NOTICE: its missing the other part of its mustache.

I added this fall leaf garland around this metal topiary. I also plan to add fresh Pumpkins of different sizes to add a special charm to my entryway.

p.s I also need to change my blog header. (maybe this weekend).. Thank you for visiting! and hope that somehow I have inspired you to add your own fall charm..:)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~ Shrimp Chipotle~

This week on "La Salud del Valle" Chef Inaki cooked up a yummy dish. I couldn't remember the name, so I re-named it. I call it ~ Shrimp Chipotle ~I thought it was easy so, I bought a few ingredient's and got busy...

I first started by warming up some Italian dressing.

just like this...... I then added some Shrimp about 2 cups

Chopped up Chipotle just like this...

I added about a half a cup of Orange Marmalade and stirred.

I then added fresh Cilantro for that extra kick..

I made some White rice.

This dish was so delicious!!! next time Im trying it with Jumbo shrimp!!

Oh, I almost forgot I made desert too.....

I made a yummy fruit salad!..