Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Roses on my table

 I love the beauty of roses especially the knock-out rose bush. It caught my eye about a year ago in my neighbors garden then, at the Walmart parking lot landscaping where, I have been known to cut a few for my table from time to time. (with there permission of course) I noticed that they were ALWAYS  blooming so, I planted two bushes then, I got another neighbor to adore and appreciate their beauty and she completely re-did her front entry with about fourteen knock-out rose bushes in hot pink.  IT IS A SIGHT TO SEE.

The other day, I saw a sign at a store that read 

Id rather have


On my table than


On my neck



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A dose of encouragement

Start each day with a positive thought 


a grateful heart

What are you grateful for today?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dear Sweet Tea

You are an amazing little girl who amazes me 



You are way smarter than I ever was at your age

You are polite and kind with a touch of 


and a sprinkle



You are soft and sweet and filled with pure innocence


that lasts forever

You fill my heart daily with joy and sunshine 

May your heart always be content and full of wonder, may you always remember to laugh and enjoy life no matter what it throws at you, may your dreams be magical, adventurous and inspiring and may life bring you nothing but joy and happiness.

Love, Mommy

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New bloom

Love, love love this time of year.... even-though it doesn't last very long and warm days quickly become hot, sticky and humid.  spring still is my absolute favorite. especially because I love to think about ways to update and improve my home and yard. I love to walk into Lowes, Home Depot or any plant nursery and see all the spring annuals blooming away, I feel like that itself is medicine for my soul. I remember every spring my mother would buy a bunch of spring annuals for her home and I would help her plant them around her trees or near her mailbox, I remember the excitement and joy I felt when seeing her small garden transform.

I still feel the exact same way today times ONE HUNDRED!!!- maybe because I have my own home, and  know its true potential, or maybe because, I want to create those exact memories with Tealyn and have her remember our planting days.

 Right now shes still too young to know about annuals or perennials, but I know there is a little sense of wonder when she asks me if she can get her toes in the dirt and use the digger as she calls it to move dirt from one spot to another or hold the the water hose all on her own.  It makes me really happy that she is interested and is paying close attention to me as, I care for my plants.

She fills my heart with joy when she happily announces that there is a new bloom .

It truly is those little things.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

What matters most

 water-bead play

The other night my husband and I sat down after we put Tealyn to bed and watched a dozen home videos. I couldn't believe how fast shes grown. Where has time gone?.. My heart sank as I watched with tears. People always tell you they will grow right before your eyes that couldn't be more true. I was so amazed at the things she was doing and saying at just a year old. I wanted to jump into my TV hold her tightly kiss her and never let go. Watching these videos of her made me realize the importance of being home with her, but  most importantly being a present mother

Sometimes we get caught up in our own daily stuff/ routines house chores, material possessions, social media, going here and there. We don't pause and be still, we are too much in a hurry that we take for granted-what's most important and precious and growing right before our very eyes.  Our children are the biggest and greatest blessing we can ever have, and we are the biggest influence they have. 
These early years are so special and should be treasured because you can never get them back and there are no re-dos. One shot is all we have to raise them with all the love, care and security they deserve. We should be more attentive more still, more patient and live more in the moment. We should always try and see things through their eyes, I know if we do our reward is far greater than we can ever imagine.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bobcat sighting

My husband had been looking for this bobcat for a very long time.   We both saw him one time on a hike while birding at a nearby state park and never saw him again. The next time he went birding after work, he spotted him right away, and of course he didn't have his camera.  He has been going several times since then and he would spot the cat every once in awhile, however, something would always happen to his camera just as he was about to take his picture so there was never any proof  that he would see it.  He would come home and say " I spotted the bobcat it was on the trail" and of course I would always say "sure"...  He has been going alone on this hike for a while now because I just didn't want to deal with the whole stroller, mosquitoes, sunblock this and that and Tealyn becomes cranky in the evenings when shes ready for bed.  

About a month ago he decided to go again, this time he made sure his camera was charged 

I'm so glad I didn't go I would have been terrified, but what a beautiful shot he took.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Tealyn dying Easter eggs

In our family it is a tradition to buy Cascarones every Easter from local vendors selling from the street . Cascarones are dyed egg shells filled with confetti, used to crack over an unsuspecting family members head, after hunting for them. 


This year instead of buying them we decided to make three dozens. We had been saving shells from breakfast eggs for about two months and it was time to get this done. We dyed the eggs in her bedroom on her table.
I was so excited for her that, I didn't stop and think about the mess it would make . I got some dye on my carpet that I had to remove with peroxide yes, peroxide imagine that ... Other than that she had so much fun making these.  We  did it in steps which took a total of three days. I think for a toddler this is the way to go. It makes it fun to do something each day and they look forward to the next step.

Here are the finished cascarones.  We had a whole lot of Valentine tissue paper left over and I thought It would look cute with the hearts.  She loved it... I  can't wait for her to hunt for eggs this year. She has been playing with her basket and hiding plastic fishes in our back yard and pretends they are eggs and makes mommy or daddy (depending who's playing with her) hunt for them, then its our turn to hide them that game goes on forever....

Here she is Easter 2016  I wish I had a better picture.

2015 Easter

Here is a picture of her and her dad he had just finished cracking a cascaron showering her with a confetti. 
I wish you and your family a very blessed Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Daddy's girl

The connection between Tealyn and her dad is beautiful to witness. They are truly best buddies in every way.  Her eyes light up with joy and she becomes giddy everyday when he comes home from work. They play together building forts and pretend to be Peppa and Daddy Pig.  It is the cutest thing to see. They have conversations about her day he pays close attention to her and listens to her stories. Saturdays become what they both call DAD-UR-DAY  they make breakfast together and while singing and sometimes dancing . Dadurdays is what she looks forward to all week. Their bond is amazing and beyond belief and it makes me so incredibly proud . 

They say that a fathers bond with his daughter is extremely important and that helps to build confidence, self esteem, self image, and it even impacts her ability to preform well academically well then, I shouldn't have any problems in those departments. I just pray that their bond always remains this way and that when she goes through rough patches in her life that she continues to have the confidence to rely on her dad to get her through it. I pray when the time comes that she finds someone as strong and attentive as her dad. I love to see their connection become stronger its a beautiful thing.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring fever

I am so excited about spring this year for so many reasons 
I can actually now see progress
I decided I needed more of a flower bed so we had our yard guy make curves and remove another 4 feet of grass. I want to fill the entire bed with fox tail ferns. So exciting.
We also started working on the other side of the yard removed grass, painted, straightened out the fence (somewhat) added bushes and a Crape Myrtle Tree
and I am going to fill this entire space too.
We had this staircase build for Tealyns tree house 
we just now need to stain it. She loves, loves, loves it..
The smell of my Star Jasmine is pure heaven these days..
My sweet neighbor gave me this lantana Isn't it just beautiful?  I planted it and can't wait for it to grow.  Slowly (very slowly) but surely my backyard retreat is coming together and I couldn't be happier 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Me time

I can't believe I have not blogged in several months I have been so very busy with this little one during the days that I hardly get a chance to catch my breath. Its been in my thoughts late at nights,but every time I want to start a post something happens . Tonight my husband volunteered to get grocery's Yay for me! so, I decided this would be perfect   ME TIME alone time....

Here are a few pictures we took of Tealyn at Christmas time.  I am so proud of my husband who took these beautiful pictures. I seriously wanted to send all my family every single shot he took of her they all came out so incredibly beautiful.
We took these pictures of her across the street where we live . The owners have acres of orchards and three gorgeous lakes it is the most peaceful and beautiful place perfect for picture taking.  They were so kind to let us take pictures.
Do you see why I had such a hard time deciding which picture to send out for Christmas? 


Till next time friends 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My summer evening reminiscing

After the a long day of scorching temperatures and humidity that makes my hair limp as a noodle, I come out with a nice glass of lemonade or ( these diet days) a protein shake right about 7:30 ish  I, lay on my hammock and swing while watching Tealyn play with her daddy.   Our summers are hot, sticky and humid, but our evenings here in South Texas are the best they are breezy and sometimes really cool they truly make up for all the fussing during the day. 

 As I lay on my hammock I hear the sounds and smells of summer kids playing and neighbors BBQing , and it takes me back to when I was a kid when we visited our grandparents during those hot summer days we would wait for the sun to set to go outside and sit in there front porch . We would sit there in those retro glider rocking chairs the kind that had two seats waving at people who drove by. My grandparents lived in a corner lot of a busy intersection and catty corner to St Mary's Catholic church.  Across there home lived my three great aunts, so sometimes they would see us gliding our rockers and would cross the street and join us, we would stay up talking till wee hours of the night. Sometimes other relatives who lived near would see us and  stop. It was nice no formal invitation just a causal stop and visit. Those were the best times... Of course I didn't know it then, but I do appreciate them now. Life is so different now. We live in a society where you have to call if you want to visit, and people just don't stop to say hello even if they see you outside. It is really sad.

Getting back to my evening.  I really enjoy our summer evenings with my little family. I want to create memories for Tealyn just as I had growing up , I want her to remember and appreciate the breezy summer evenings  swinging from the hammock singing and enjoying naming the birds that fly by, and helping her dad put water in the St Francis bird bath then filling the bird feeders. They will be the memories that will fill her precious heart.

Monday, May 23, 2016


I have read that play is very important part of  brain development, it helps with their imagination, helps them cognitively, promotes creativity helps them explore and learn from their environment and oodles of other good stuff their little brains need and plus it's fun and way better than any device app designed to attract our little ones from real play

So, I  take play and activity time seriously every morning after breakfast we do some sort of play/learn activity. We have lots of fun together she looks forward to it and I secretly do too, it beats folding laundry any day.

I have different bins set up with all sorts of activities crafts, sand play, playdoh, blocks, etc...

Here she is exploring with cake batter. Oh the fun..

She really enjoys all these activities, and I really enjoy watching her explore and play. There are times we just lay on the hammock and read books, take a walk and talk about our surroundings. Two is such a fun age. Any activity or play makes her so happy.

Friday, April 29, 2016

On Motherhood

                                                 Tealyn at 7 months

Without a doubt, Tealyn has been the greatest blessing in my life, I have learned so much about myself, babies and life in these short two years then I have in all my adult life. She has brought so much joy into our lives and hearts and because of her I strive to be a better person. Our bond is pure and connected like a mother and daughter should be.

She is a happy toddler content with the most simple things. She could blow bubbles and play with the garden hose all day and that would be just fine. Her innocent and free loving self doesn't  care If I have makeup on in the morning or how many times I've worn my trusty black ( now torn) yoga pants that week. She just wants to play, learn and have fun.  I sometimes remind myself when I am tired and feeling over whelmed about getting all my chores completed by the days end that, I will never ever get these days back EVER. Once they're gone they are beautiful memories to cherish . So I purposely  leave the clothes in the dryer till the next beep and sometimes It gets done and sometimes it does not.

The most important thing for me is to be completely present in her day not distracted not moody and not preoccupied with whatever the day has thrown my way. It is hard and not an easy thing to do especially when their attention span is short, days seem long and Facebook is a click away. ( which personally I think is the biggest distraction ever) During the day I am the only influence she has so, she needs me to be positive, calm, nurturing, understanding, patient, encouraging and most of all loving.

There are days I feel completely unattractive walking around here with my hair pulled back in a pony, no make-up in a unmatched outfit desperately needing a shower  playing with blocks and puzzles then suddenly all those feelings disappear when she tells me she loves me and I am reminded that she doesn't need a super model mother just a mother who is completely present willing to play and have fun.  I strongly believe that all these little moments with her will one day come back and reward me.

I know this is a little early , but in case I don't log on I would like to wish all the mothers out there
a happy and very blessed  MOTHERS DAY.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tealyn turning two

I can hardly believe it's been 6 months since my last post. Wow time flies. It's been in the back of my head for weeks while folding a load of laundry, while doing an activity with Tealyn or in the middle of the night I always think about this blog.. I just truly haven't had a chance to myself. It was much easier to blog when she was little during naps and while she played by herself , but as a toddler it is much harder . I don't like to leave her unattended while I am on a computer or phone. So, I just wait till my husband gets home from work to do that, but then I have dinner, dishes, bath time and good night books to read that it leaves me exhausted by nine no joke and just want to get to bed.
Tealyn is now two and is at a fun stage. We actually have  conversations back and fourth now and its really fun to hear her little sweet voice talk to me as she expresses herself. She tells me what she wants, where it hurts and if she doesn't like something...ha ha... I have her do some sort of learning activity in the mornings and she really, really loves it. She is smart and above average for for age. We still have not encountered " The terrible twos" or at least I don't think we have. There are days she may have a melt down about wanting to use the I-pad longer (YouTube videos which I need a whole blog post about) or wanting a snack instead of lunch but, nothing terrible so, I am grateful for that.

Here is a picture of Tealyns Pig cake . Isn't just the cutest? We had
a small family and friends hot dog party for her. She really enjoyed it and talks about it often. 

Here she is with her daddy who Id like to thank for giving me these few minutes to bring you up to date.. 

Thank you friends for the emails asking me to update.
I promise I will keep it going.....