Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My summer evening reminiscing

After the a long day of scorching temperatures and humidity that makes my hair limp as a noodle, I come out with a nice glass of lemonade or ( these diet days) a protein shake right about 7:30 ish  I, lay on my hammock and swing while watching Tealyn play with her daddy.   Our summers are hot, sticky and humid, but our evenings here in South Texas are the best they are breezy and sometimes really cool they truly make up for all the fussing during the day. 

 As I lay on my hammock I hear the sounds and smells of summer kids playing and neighbors BBQing , and it takes me back to when I was a kid when we visited our grandparents during those hot summer days we would wait for the sun to set to go outside and sit in there front porch . We would sit there in those retro glider rocking chairs the kind that had two seats waving at people who drove by. My grandparents lived in a corner lot of a busy intersection and catty corner to St Mary's Catholic church.  Across there home lived my three great aunts, so sometimes they would see us gliding our rockers and would cross the street and join us, we would stay up talking till wee hours of the night. Sometimes other relatives who lived near would see us and  stop. It was nice no formal invitation just a causal stop and visit. Those were the best times... Of course I didn't know it then, but I do appreciate them now. Life is so different now. We live in a society where you have to call if you want to visit, and people just don't stop to say hello even if they see you outside. It is really sad.

Getting back to my evening.  I really enjoy our summer evenings with my little family. I want to create memories for Tealyn just as I had growing up , I want her to remember and appreciate the breezy summer evenings  swinging from the hammock singing and enjoying naming the birds that fly by, and helping her dad put water in the St Francis bird bath then filling the bird feeders. They will be the memories that will fill her precious heart.

Monday, May 23, 2016


I have read that play is very important part of  brain development, it helps with their imagination, helps them cognitively, promotes creativity helps them explore and learn from their environment and oodles of other good stuff their little brains need and plus it's fun and way better than any device app designed to attract our little ones from real play

So, I  take play and activity time seriously every morning after breakfast we do some sort of play/learn activity. We have lots of fun together she looks forward to it and I secretly do too, it beats folding laundry any day.

I have different bins set up with all sorts of activities crafts, sand play, playdoh, blocks, etc...

Here she is exploring with cake batter. Oh the fun..

She really enjoys all these activities, and I really enjoy watching her explore and play. There are times we just lay on the hammock and read books, take a walk and talk about our surroundings. Two is such a fun age. Any activity or play makes her so happy.

Friday, April 29, 2016

On Motherhood

                                                 Tealyn at 7 months

Without a doubt, Tealyn has been the greatest blessing in my life, I have learned so much about myself, babies and life in these short two years then I have in all my adult life. She has brought so much joy into our lives and hearts and because of her I strive to be a better person. Our bond is pure and connected like a mother and daughter should be.

She is a happy toddler content with the most simple things. She could blow bubbles and play with the garden hose all day and that would be just fine. Her innocent and free loving self doesn't  care If I have makeup on in the morning or how many times I've worn my trusty black ( now torn) yoga pants that week. She just wants to play, learn and have fun.  I sometimes remind myself when I am tired and feeling over whelmed about getting all my chores completed by the days end that, I will never ever get these days back EVER. Once they're gone they are beautiful memories to cherish . So I purposely  leave the clothes in the dryer till the next beep and sometimes It gets done and sometimes it does not.

The most important thing for me is to be completely present in her day not distracted not moody and not preoccupied with whatever the day has thrown my way. It is hard and not an easy thing to do especially when their attention span is short, days seem long and Facebook is a click away. ( which personally I think is the biggest distraction ever) During the day I am the only influence she has so, she needs me to be positive, calm, nurturing, understanding, patient, encouraging and most of all loving.

There are days I feel completely unattractive walking around here with my hair pulled back in a pony, no make-up in a unmatched outfit desperately needing a shower  playing with blocks and puzzles then suddenly all those feelings disappear when she tells me she loves me and I am reminded that she doesn't need a super model mother just a mother who is completely present willing to play and have fun.  I strongly believe that all these little moments with her will one day come back and reward me.

I know this is a little early , but in case I don't log on I would like to wish all the mothers out there
a happy and very blessed  MOTHERS DAY.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tealyn turning two

I can hardly believe it's been 6 months since my last post. Wow time flies. It's been in the back of my head for weeks while folding a load of laundry, while doing an activity with Tealyn or in the middle of the night I always think about this blog.. I just truly haven't had a chance to myself. It was much easier to blog when she was little during naps and while she played by herself , but as a toddler it is much harder . I don't like to leave her unattended while I am on a computer or phone. So, I just wait till my husband gets home from work to do that, but then I have dinner, dishes, bath time and good night books to read that it leaves me exhausted by nine no joke and just want to get to bed.
Tealyn is now two and is at a fun stage. We actually have  conversations back and fourth now and its really fun to hear her little sweet voice talk to me as she expresses herself. She tells me what she wants, where it hurts and if she doesn't like something...ha ha... I have her do some sort of learning activity in the mornings and she really, really loves it. She is smart and above average for for age. We still have not encountered " The terrible twos" or at least I don't think we have. There are days she may have a melt down about wanting to use the I-pad longer (YouTube videos which I need a whole blog post about) or wanting a snack instead of lunch but, nothing terrible so, I am grateful for that.

Here is a picture of Tealyns Pig cake . Isn't just the cutest? We had
a small family and friends hot dog party for her. She really enjoyed it and talks about it often. 

Here she is with her daddy who Id like to thank for giving me these few minutes to bring you up to date.. 

Thank you friends for the emails asking me to update.
I promise I will keep it going.....


Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm back.....

Miss me?

Have to just say this has been the longest break from this blog ever...
I have been keeping this little one

Had a wonderful summer , but I am glad it is over it was way too HOT to do anything during the day.
We did a lot of evening activities and of course the beach. 

Celebrated my In laws 50th anniversary in July 

Hung out with family and BBQued 
that is us at my sisters house celebrating my nephew graduation,
I hope to get back on a schedule to bring you the latest..
Thank you to those who sent me emails...


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pinterest-ing toddler activities.

Keeping little Miss Tealyn busy playing with toys other than the I- pad have 
been a challenge. She loves to get on to YouTube and listen to the Mother Goose club songs and different educational apps.  We didn't mind because she really has learned a whole lot of songs and rhymes, but I really feel strong about children having real play time.. Old fashioned playing that lets the imagination flourish like the kind we had as kids is what, I want for her... So, we have made some changes.....We have limited her time on the I-pad to 15 min in the morning twice a week and sometimes we don't even use it... We focus more on PLAYING and, I  have toddler music playing on Pandora app on my computer.

Here are some fun toddler activities we found on Pintrest..   

Dollar store Pom-poms
I call this scooping. She scoops one pom-pom from one bowl to another
She LOVES it and we also sort colors too...
Dollar store clay and tray..
Cheerio stacking with spaghetti and clay..Love this when I am food prepping . Keeps her busy for about 20 min
Crayon shoot..
kept her busy for about 10 min . I think maybe boys would probably enjoy this one better
notice how she put a car instead of a crayon.
She got tired of shooting crayons down the paper roll and started placing all the crayons in cup then she would empty it..
Shaving creme & food coloring
Note to self: when doing this don't buy a shaving creme with cologne. UGH...

She really loves this so much it is hard getting her out. .

Love to see her play..
Lego blocks never gets old..
This is one of my favorites...

Her very favorite kind of play is with her daddy..

Monday, May 18, 2015

When life gives you lemons....

Suck a toe!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself this little saying conveys everything I want to say.

Sometimes life does give you lemons. 

I  personally call them trials, and tribulations and oh boy they seem to come when everything is smooth sailing, when you are at your peak of bliss, when the sun is shinning brighter than ever, suddenly out of no-where


You are hit with a situation....

 So, today I ask God to give us strength to make lemon aide and to carry us through the little storms in our lives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fibi & Clo

I am so excited to share that I got a part of part time job with 

fibi & clo

And it happened by accident ..

I saw a pop up add on
I went to the page and I really loved their sandals, and wanted them all!!!

The love knot $30.00

So, I read about their company and I sent them an email..

A few days later I get a call from a representative.
and we started to talk ..
I told her I would join the team only under these conditions.


I just can't handle pushy sales people

And she agreed...
So, for a small investment...$185.00 I joined ... I got my kit of sandals a few weeks later and she set me up with a website

I am hosting my first party at my home mostly family.
here are some of the sandals...
I love them all! I already purchased two...

Coco Black $54.00

Positano $30.00

These are my next purchase... I think they would really look nice with my stretchy capri's

LOVE the ballet flats
and most of them are $30.00

Gold Cascade $49.50
Riviera Orchid just $15.00

Now you know why I want them all?

I am doing this PART- OF PART TIME...


 I don't want this to turn into a full time job. My baby still needs me. I just want to have fun,  enjoying meeting new people, all while making extra cash..

If you are interested in joining my team..send me an email or sign up at the website

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My first little lie

Just thought I'd share a funny story...
Sweet little Tealyn who is not even 18 months yet...
and doesn't speak to well ...
Is already.... in her own little way 


To keep her quiet and content in church, I usually will take some fruit snacks
It usually does the trick. This time she  wanted more than one in her mouth..
She kept mumbling "more" and signing more with her hands. I quietly told her 

"finish the one in your mouth"

Sneaky little Tealyn takes the fruit snack out of her mouth and hides it behind her
back and opens her mouth


To show me she had already finished. I couldn't help, but laugh right there


In the middle of  Fr. Mario's homily.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wedding favors

Guess what I've been busy making?
My sister Bey is getting married Saturday the 21st 


We started off with three of us making these

My sister 
a good friend
and I

Over a glass of wine and a long over due conversation

Everyone left....

And the next morning, I had 100 empty boxes and chocolates staring at me


Do you know how dangerous that is?
That afternoon another good friend came for a visit and helped me finish most of them. We chatted, and ever so often we would pop these chocolate babies into our mouths. I am so glad they're done.  Although now, I may need a JC Penny girdle...

We are so excited and looking forward to her wedding