Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Christmas Inspiration...

I fell in love with this Toile plate at Ross a few weeks ago, I didn't buy it then because they only had 4, so when I went back for my weekly walk-around to see what else is in.... To my surprise~ right next to a white porcelain elephant and some jars of salsa were the two other plates I needed to complete my set. I love Ross its like treasure hunting at a garage sale.
Well, Its not made in England but for $3.49 a plate it is french to me...
And besides I have 10 yard's of this fabric don't remember why, but I do.. and with life's funny little curve ball of a HUGE car repair bill this will have to do... I can work it....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its 7.00pm

That's my favorite time of the day! why?...well, That's when all my lamps come on I light my candle, I grab my favorite blanket, (an old thin Summer quilt that Romeo and I always fight for) we catch up on the day's event's, and we turn the TV on to a good show and relax. I love to smell a good candle burning! Don't you? I love the fresh clean feel of a shower and pj's while I snuggle up in my living room sometimes I glance off to see the glow of the pumpkins in the candlelight... nothing can be more relaxing than that! If you don't believe me ask Burt & Ernie....

What is your favorite time of day?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape ~

I am thankful for my husband who is my best friend. I am thankful for all the humor he brings me each and every day. He is the most honest,wisest,and rational man I know. I never have to worry about decisions he makes because I know they are well-thought-out. I am thankful for all his loving ways the smallest things he'll do show how much he truly cares! I am thankful for my parents who are always there for us. I am thankful for their health and thankful that they taught us the value of hard work I am grateful that they instilled in me good morals and values that will be with me for a life time. I am thankful for my sister's who I speak to every morning I am grateful that they keep me grounded and set me straight when I need that extra love. I am thankful for my In laws who are always there for us. I am thankful for their many prayers, kindness and hospitality. I am thankful for the time I spent with all my nieces and nephews and even more grateful when they go back home :) I am thankful for all my aunts,uncles cousins, and extended family on both sides. I am grateful when I get a chance to spend some time with them. I am thankful for my close friends, I always feel instant happiness when I get to talk or be around them. whenever something happens there always there for me. I feel so very blessed to have close friends like them. I am thankful for my home and the opportunity I have to be here and take care of it. I am thankful I can spend Fall mornings working on my yard planting, pruning and watering. I am so very grateful when I see my flowers blooming especially my bird of paradise. I am thankful for the smallest things that we sometimes take for granted like smelling fresh air, taking long walks, snuggling with my favorite blanket, eating left over turkey, washing the car barefoot, taking long summer naps, warm winters where we don't have to shovel snow, and the sound of chicharras in the summer. Have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!!

  • Chargers from Target 2 for a dollar
  • White plates are my everyday set
  • Turkey decorative plates from Wal-Mart $2.99
  • Place mats from Bed Bath & Beyond $1.99
  • Napkin's from Big Lots 2 for $1.00
  • Napkin rings from Pier One $3.99 for each (gift card)
  • Wine goblets 2010 Christmas gift from my sister in law Ashley
  • Glass decorative vase (already had)
  • Mini pumpkins from Michaels $3.99 a bag
  • Center picks from Hobby lobby 40% off (last year's purchase)
  • Candle holders from Marshalls purchased 2 yrs ago
  • Ivory candle sticks from Dollar Tree $4.00 (already had 3)
  • Large center candle (already had)
  • 12 Votive candles ( a surprise in my attic from previous home owner)