Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wedding favors

Guess what I've been busy making?
My sister Bey is getting married Saturday the 21st 


We started off with three of us making these

My sister 
a good friend
and I

Over a glass of wine and a long over due conversation

Everyone left....

And the next morning, I had 100 empty boxes and chocolates staring at me


Do you know how dangerous that is?
That afternoon another good friend came for a visit and helped me finish most of them. We chatted, and ever so often we would pop these chocolate babies into our mouths. I am so glad they're done.  Although now, I may need a JC Penny girdle...

We are so excited and looking forward to her wedding

Sunday, March 1, 2015

16 Months

Sweet Tealyn, 
You are growing up way too fast that I wish I could just make it stop. You are learning things at such a fast pace that you surprise, amaze and make us very proud of you.  How I wish I could bottle you up and save your precious smell, drools and your sweet sticky kisses forever. I am wishing so many beautiful things for you and your future and I am praying you will always be healthy and happy just like you are now.

* Your favorites*
The Elmo flip book 
ABC flip book
Wood flip flop alphabet block letters
Cookie monster count and crunch
Ipad apps
my phone
daddy's phone
wooden school bus

* Your dislikes*
Dinosaur pop up book (scared of dinosaur) 
Staying in car seat
Staying still while changing pamper
Putting your arms though sleeves
Staying in the shopping cart.

*You can identify and know the sounds of the letters A, B, C, E, O, P, M, R
*You know the shapes of circle, square, rectangle, and oval
*You have a good grip on the crayons and you are learning to color
*You can bring the spoon to your mouth.
*You can unlock and get to youtube both on the Ipad and on my phone to get to Mother goose club.
*You can get off the bed and couch very easily.

*You can say*
nack for snack
ookie for cookie
wa for water

You even know some
*Sign language*
all gone

And we are so proud to be your parents!