Monday, October 29, 2012

Trey at the "pawk"

This past week I got the chance to take my nephew Trey to the "pawk" as he says it.
"Atti take me to the pawk" he kept asking me over and over!
So, off we went!
And OH BOY!!
He kept going
And going
Like the energizer bunny..
Then, he noticed ducks and water and he wanted to look for rocks to throw at the water..
And he did for about half an hour trying to hit the two turtles.. That's a boy for you!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Velvet Pumpkin's

When I first saw these Velvet Pumpkins a few years ago I fell in love! I looked all over for them in Hobby Lobby and stores where I thought, I could find them..I never found them.. I went on- line and found a few sites where they sold them, but they were so expensive one small pumpkin was being sold for around $36.00 I thought that was ridiculous so I gave up and forgot about them.

                                                            Until this year..
When I walked into Ross for my weekly walk around there they were underneath a shelf, in a basket next to some dish towels and perfumes.. of all places! and for a whopping price of $2.99 I grabbed them all!
I love the deep rich colors don't you?... The only thing is... If you look closely you can see the white tag on the stem I don't know why they would place their price tag and glue it underneath the stem? I tried cutting as much as I could maybe I should try using some pliers, but for $2.99 I'll live with it...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome Fall...

If its one thing I've learned this past week it's that I am not as crafty as I thought I was, and never start any project when PMSing... This craft here gave me tears and burns literally!! I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to make an Indian corn wreath?.. I saw a magazine that had a beautiful wreath with Indian corn and I thought I can do that.. Yeah right!! I worked on this wreath one day for about 8 hours on and off I got so frustrated that I almost trashed it...
This is what I wanted to do originally, but my corn could never make a perfect circle I ripped the corn like 20 joke!! Then I finally completed the circle, but the wreath was now like 50 pounds or so it seemed and when I put the wreath on the door the corn would come off...ugh! That along with me PMSing had me in tears..
When my mom came to visit she mentioned my sister needed a wreath, so I took it off and gave it to her to take to her..

After giving it to her I started thinking.... It would of been so simple if I had just trimmed the corn to about 4 inches to fit around the straw wreath DUH?


I am blaming this one on my PMS... you just can't think clearly...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Juicing Day 6

After watching Fat sick and nearly dead on Netflix about a two men who lost a gazillion pounds just on juice fasting I got so motivated I went out and bought
This...I did my research and this was one of, if not the best in the market. It was a little pricey, but it is so worth it.. And oh boy does this baby have power!!.. It comes with 2 pitchers one to catch the pulp and the other to hold juice, but I use a small plastic bag where the pulp pitcher goes for easy clean up. I can stick a cucumber down the shoot and instantly I mean instantly it disappears into juice. Talk about power...
I have been on this juice fast 6 days NOTHING but fruit and vegetable juice and I mean NOTHING BUT THAT!.. At first, I went out and bought all sorts of exotic fruits vegetables and learned quickly that not only would I loose weight I would also go broke on this fast... so I broke it down to two basic recipes and started buying only Carrots, Apples, Cucumbers, Kale, and Spinach.. So favorite juice is Carrot and Apple so yummy!! The rest of the veggies I use for another juice called Green Juice.

The truth is, it really is hard in the beginning I got headaches, and felt weird not eating but after a few days it became easier and easier. It is recommended that this fast last only 10 to 15 days...we shall see.

The benefits of juice fasting:
  • increased energy
  • reduced cravings for junk food
  • improvement in chronic conditions
  • clearer mental focus
  • weight loss
  • sleep improvement
  • clear skin

Monday, October 8, 2012


Chances are, I still have that old cell phone charger from 1999 no joke!! I think this is a man thing? Wires for cell phones, for connecting things, for old video games, for this for that. It's all the same to me. Found a box of wires in my cabinets and it just irked me... I decided to organize and get rid of cell phone charger's and wires once and for all.. I feel like a hoarder when I keep things lying around the house we have no use for..
Old video game wires and games he no longer uses are headed to the attic..really wish I could just toss them in the trash, give them away, or have them mysteriously disappear..
I am keeping these two connectors for Christmas trees in this drawer that is it nothing else!
This is what started this all! I came to sit on my couch and noticed these wires from the side of the cabinet. I wonder what he was trying to connect? I jumped off and ...
tucked it nicely behind the cabinet.

Out of mind out of sight!!