Tuesday, March 30, 2010

* Chicken Margarita*

The other day, My sister and I had made plans to make "Chicken Margarita" A favorite of her kids...I don't know why?.. Maybe its the Margarita flavor they enjoy or perhaps they think they are getting a cocktail mixed into their Chicken... Whatever the case is.. They Love it!... We had all ingredients except the liquor.. After making a quick trip to "Holiday and Wine" And getting a quick tutorial on Tequila (that's another blog) we settled for "Jose Cuervo" Ready to Serve.. The plan was for me to watch her and then go home and make it myself... I did.. And this is how it went..

We used Chicken Breasts...

Divided in Two

You will need chopped garlic..

Use A large Zip lock bag for putting all your ingredients in...

Crush 2 cubes of Cilantro into bag..

Sprinkle Chicken with Margarita Salt..

You will also need this...

For this...

Then there is this.. about a cup.. or so into bag..

All ingredients now in bag..

Take a break, and relax enjoy a Margarita, Pop in your favorite CD while bag is marinating

After about your 3rd Margarita... you may begin the grilling...

Make some Wild Rice, chop up some fresh Red Cabbage, and Yellow Pepper garnish with Cilantro and Lime and as Emerald says "Bam you got a meal"...

Romeo, loved this dish so, I will make it more often.. Hope you enjoyed! And hope you can make it one day!

Monday, March 29, 2010

*Semana Santa*

Here we are in the holiest week of the year! So, on Saturday all those things we gave up for lent can begin again. For me instead of giving up something I started attending a weekly prayer group at Holy Spirit Catholic Church sponsored by GOSPA. During the start of lent we were asked to reflect each day on "The Passion of Christ" So,In honor of this week here is a poem to reflect... Can you imagine How Jesus must have felt? When Judas kissed his cheek And the soldiers came to take him away.
While His men were all asleep? Can you imagine?
How Jesus must have felt? When He heard the crowds demands
When the crowd cried out "Crucify Him" And put Him in the soldiers hands?
Can you imagine How Jesus must have felt?
When the nail went through His hand And He saw His earthly mother there
Unable to understand? Can you imagine
How Jesus must have felt When a thief called out to Him
"Remember me when You are in heaven For You have committed no sin".
Can you imagine How Jesus must have felt
When they cast lots for His clothes And the soldiers scoffed
And called Him names "King of the Jews Your lies exposed"?
Can you imagine How Jesus must have felt
When the spear went through His side And the skies darkened and became as
night And lightening split the skies?
Can you imagine How Jesus must now feel
When He sees the way we live When we spend our lives in search of
wealth Only to have, never to give?
Can you imagine How Jesus must now feel
When He sees us turn our backs on Him After He has sacrificed His life for us
To save us from our sins? Can you imagine
How Jesus would now feel If we gave our lives to Him
And worked for the good of all of us No matter the color of our skin?
Can you imagine What He would do for us
If all God's commandments we kept, Not just choose the ones
The easiest to keep But all ten we would accept?
Can you imagine a room He's prepared for us in heaven
Where we can go and spend eternity When our lives come to an end?
Can you imagine How He would now feel?

Friday, March 26, 2010

* Sweet Amaryllis Surprise*

This was taken a couple of weeks ago.. Could hardly wait to see the bloom..

By March 19th Starting to see a flower..

So Beautiful to watch each bud bloom! It took about 2 weeks for plant to reach full height and bloom...

About to burst in a gorgeous Red popping color!

At last..An Amazing huge Amaryllis to enjoy for about a week or so..

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

* My Mothers Christmas room*

As I opened the French doors, and walked into my mothers living room AKA "The Christmas Room" I sat for a while thinking of ways I could freshen it up by making the space more cozy and less stale. The room is already filled with 3 Christmas trees she refuses to take down. So there is some Christmas Cheer 12 months a year whenever you may need it! I noticed the letter desk wasn't being used it was filled with family pictures and as Melinda calls it PEEP-E-NICK-E..(random things) I decided that it needed a new home.

After moving the desk to my moms bedroom, I realized I had a whole new project, I thought boy "One thing leads to another!...I moved her King size bed, her Tv, and two side tables. All this just to accommodate her new tenant "The Desk". Oh and I hung up a picture too. After all this I returned to "The Christmas Room" and I thought that book shelf needs to move but, ITS HEAVY!.. Well, when there is a will there is a way! I took down all the books, all her peepenicke, threw some stuff away I don't think she would notice and, I moved the heavy shelf PUSH BY PUSH and SHOVE BY SHOVE...

AND THIS IS WHAT HER CHRISTMAS ROOM LOOKS LIKE.. Notice: the shelf's new resting place.. Another tree...
Blessed Mother and baby.
Notice she wont let go of the 1977 books..oops upside down Rome book.

Beys family..Bey and Mel both have their table with their family photos displayed Bobby and I don't humm?
Mels family..
More pictures..
different angle..

NOTE: No kids are allowed in this room unless its CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

*humble beginings*

Have you ever wondered what happened to that house you grew up in?... who lives there?. and if they are happy just like you were? Do you ever drive by just to see if they up keep the home as if you're parents were still the owners?..do you wonder "what if we had stayed"?... Over the week-end, my in laws mentioned to me that their first home was being remodeled! Ooh I thought! and since I never miss an opportunity to see a great remodeling project, It was like music to my ears! I drove by a few days later..

2613 Quince Lane..

As I got off my car a nice woman approached me and asked me if i wanted a tour "YES I WOULD LOVE A TOUR" I said AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW.... Amazed by this beautiful kitchen! Granite counters with plenty of space, custom cabinets with deep sinks!
Warm colors to soothe the eye! I can see many new memories being made here by the next lucky family!
Open concept living area for entertaining!

I was excited to see these investor's had taken there time planning this project carefully!..I reached for my phone and called my in laws who happen to be around the corner, and told them to swing by.. When they walked in and saw the transformation they were filled with so many emotions! As they took the tour and reminisced, I couldn't help but wonder what had happened to my house? had the owners taken care of it all these years?..I left there with QUESTIONS...and so I quickly came home charged my trusty camera and left with a MISSION!

drove to San Juan Tx.


Wow! So many things had changed! A lady came out and asked why I was taking pictures I explained hoping she would invite me in. SHE DIDN'T!! She said in Spanish "Mija ya no es egual todo cambiamos" Nothings the same everything has changed! so I sat there as she went on and on about "Donia Maria" and "Donia Abrora" the neighbors..not listening! I was too busy reminiscing and thinking what if we had stayed.


Grandma Qinna and Grandpa as we called them..


> This home now belongs to a young couple who are teachers in the Pharr area from what I have heard it is completely redone! I'm happy so many memories in this front porch.. The whole family would gather and sit and wave as friends would pass by.. We would play with our cousins "Red Rover Red Rover" till late hours in the night..Our great aunts AKA "THE GOLDEN GIRLS" who happen to live right across the street would come over when they would see commotion! Everyday my grandpa would watch "The Young and The Restless" and wait for the mail through the screened door..



In Donna TX
This is the home where my mother in law grew up. Sadly it was torn down! She tells me funny stories of her and her family all the time! Once she told me that my father in law showed up with no permission... And that once he had bought her a rabbit and her mom threw a fit because she was the one who ended up cleaning the cage!



This home is all about family it has been updated and kept up with! The inside has nice warm colors, hardwood floors and beautiful furniture! You get a nice warm peaceful feeling upon entering this home! They are a large family of 11 brothers and sisters (I think) and holidays are always fun!

NOTE: Im missing my Grandmother Ruth Dela Garza's house in Santa Rosa. The property has been sold and has a long winding Rd, I wasnt sure if I should go in.. So I didnt.. but, I have great memories of that ranch and the peace country life gives you..

Friday, March 19, 2010

* My favorite house SOLD*

Last year, while taking a Sunday drive around one of my favorite neighborhood "Country place" in Mcallen I found a beautiful traditional home for sale. I begged Romeo to stop to take a peak through the window.. that's usually what i do before calling a Realtor (in this case it was for sale by owner) while peaking I noticed that some remodeling was taking place. I went back to the car so excited i could hardly contain myself..."Romeo you need to get off and see this house" and of course I had to literally get him down!..that's the usual course of events for us! after peaking, he too was impressed! So, of course I took it upon myself to call the owner and in less than 5 min he arrived with the key.. Walking in that home felt like home!...it had a large living room with a fire place and huge windows overlooking a nice pool. I immediately fell in love! The tile they chose was perfect! The dining room was separate from the living ahhh i thought.. then I walked into the master bathroom which wasn't completed.. The tub was turquoise the sinks were in brown, wallpaper was floral, but I still loved it! I thought well this will be quite a PROJECT!.. The owner told us he needed to sell and could no longer continue remodeling! The pool was in dire need of resurfacing and it could use some landscaping too! while I was busy calculating the expense in each room, Romeo was talking to the owner about the price!..the owner really wanted top dollar and wasn't going to budge! We made an offer and he refused!..I kept his cell number in my phone for over a year labeling it "Kiwi house man" and every now and then id drive by just to see if the house had sold..and it never did! Now we are ready.. so I called him and he told me that the house had sold not long ago. I was crushed!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

*My dream kitchen*

After looking at a ton of houses you sometimes forget what you saw and where you saw it. That is always the case for me!..I took this picture a couple of months back cause I wanted to remember... so much for that... I remember not being fond of the house JUST THE KITCHEN...Something about this kitchen makes me want to put an apron and bake a batch of oatmeal cookies while mixing a cocktail for my husband... I especially love the large island and the functionality it seems to have.. I love the amount of cabinet space.. which is exactly WHAT I NEED! Love the way the color flows with the tile too..Only, if I could remember...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*Along this Path*

Everyday,between 5.30 and 6.30 and sometimes later like in the Summer i take this path along Bicentennial Ave and walk 3 1/2 miles. I use this time to get fresh air, be alone in my thoughts,pray and meditate. I love this time! Along this Path i see beautiful trees with Spring blooms and bird houses on every other tree..it makes the walk so much more enjoyable On my right i see beautiful homes and then the wondering begins.... I wonder if there house is clean?..I wonder if the house has been updated?..I wonder if they have carpet,tile, or hardwood flooring?..I wonder if they have a clean garage?..I wonder about their furniture? what there holidays must be like? ohh if i could only have a glimpse inside.. and sometimes these thoughts follow me home and into my bed at night...

* Key lime Bars*

I must admit that once in a while I get over confident with recipe's and think I know what I'm doing. then... completely ruin it!.. that's what happened today! I had a chicken in the oven, rice on stove top and FOX News in my living room I was too busy paying attention to the Toyota report and accidentally mixed the 3 to many eggs oops!.. I kept cracking eggs, stirring rice and watching tv!.. I happen to glance down to my bowl and I couldn't believe my eyes!.. I had to pour it down the drain.. and start all over! According to my nieces Meagan and Robyn I make the best key lime bars!.. They ask me for them almost every holiday.. and I always say "Sorry i only make them for Easter".. So they patiently wait for them all year long... and today I felt like I wanted to bake something...I called,texted, but the two were no where to be found! and so I graciously gave them to my in laws I think they will enjoy...