Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meet Pixie Lou

Pixie Lou is a rescued dog that my husbands cousin gave us. She found her on a very rainy day in the middle of intersection wet, matted and very hungry. She took her in, fed her, and took her to the groomer. The next day she put signs all over town hoping someone would claim her. No luck.  She then posted her on Facebook and that is where I saw her.  I told her if no one would claim her I would love to take her in. A couple of days later she was ours.

Pixie is an older dog, blind, a little deaf, missing some of her teeth and the ones she has are loose. She gets startled easily and is learning to trust us.

Housebreaking....Well, thats another story.  She has accidents when I get company. I don't know why? Otherwise she is learning and most of the time lets us know.

So far so good.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Locked in a hot car.

Yes, this horrible and terrifying incident happened to me.

In the last post, I told you that we bought a new car. This car came with a keyless remote which means that as long as you have the keys somewhere near you such as your purse or pockets, you have the convenience of starting the engine with a touch of a button.

One afternoon, sometime two weeks ago or so Tealyn and I went to Wal-mart. I just needed a few things, so I thought It would take me less than 30 min and it did.

As I was walking back to the car I could hear a car alarm ringing the closer I got the more it sounded like my vehicle. When I finally approached my car I turned off the alarm with the keys and I threw them in the diaper bag. I opened the door and put the baby in along with the two Wal-mart bags and the diaper bag. I strapped her in and shut the door.

This is when my nightmare began:

I went to open my door and it was locked! I tried opening the back doors all were locked mind you, this is in the middle of the afternoon in South Texas. The heat is unbearable 100 plus temperatures, and my baby is locked inside. I go into panic mode.

(Just typing this sends me right back to that place)

I start screaming my legs turn to jello, I am so scared I lose my voice. No one is listening to me I am literally on the ground I can't feel my legs. I am crying and shaking for someone anyone to help.  

Finally, after what seems an eternity 3,4, 5 minutes I don't know. A man and his wife drive by and see me in my desperation on the floor screaming. The man doesn't ask he already knows from the look on my face that there is a baby in my back seat.  He asks me " where is the baby" by this point I can hardly speak from all the crying I  just point to the side window.  He then takes a crow-bar and asks if It's okay to break my window?. I tell him to please do what he has to.

He breaks my window!

And there is glass everywhere on my seat, on the dashboard and floor board , I don't care he somehow unlocks the door and I open the back door to see if baby is okay. She is just a little rosy. I give her a bottle that had some juice.

I praise God!

I thank and give him a hug all while crying. He continues to clean my car with a small broom . (I don't know where that came from) 

By this time there is already a small crowd gathered just staring at me as if I am some type of lunatic who left my baby behind deliberately. 

I leave the Wal-mart parking lot with a broken window, crying and in disbelief of what had just transpired. I call my husband from the car's bluetooth connection. No answer. I call again, and again, and again, no answer. I call my sister, I am still shaking and when she answers, I just break down even more. I tell her what just happened and to keep calling my husband. I get home and take baby out who is  now sleeping,  put her down, and just literally fall apart.

My husband finally reaches me and tells me he is on his way home.  We call up the Cadillac dealership and explain to them what just happened and they apologize and explain  that when the alarm goes off it causes the vehicle to go into panic mode and locks all the doors a sort of safety feature. I didn't know this. Had my key's been on me or with me when I shut the door I would have prevented this. They said it was a matter of changing the settings.

We fixed the window and changed the settings. It no longer locks unless I lock it with the key's remote. 

I completely forgot I had OnStar and well, I didn't have the app installed on my phone either.

Lesson learned.

I thank God for the couple that stopped and helped. I pray that this never happens to anyone. It is by far the scariest thing I have been though. And for a while I kept feeling guilty for not paying enough attention to where my keys were.

 I truly feel there should be some type of warning when you buy vehicles with keyless remote entry. Especially when you have precious babies.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our summer 2014

It seems like this year summer just flew by, and now here we are in September.  And although it was HOT, STICKY and full of annoying mosquitoes I loved every moment spent with this little one. 

Here's how we rolled almost every day.
We did lots of morning mini photo shoots.

 Afternoon pool time to break the routine was fun
 It helped with nap time or at least it made her tired enough to go down easier.
My nephew down-loaded this addicting game and we challenged each other almost everyday, I ended up getting stuck here. Can you help me solve it?
Transitioned her into her crib 
We bought a new car and I was enjoying it until I had a horrible, terrifying  incident that happened to me that I will share with you on the next post.
We did a lot of lazy evening hammock swinging.
And some fun beach time.

So long summer 2014