Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm back.....

Miss me?

Have to just say this has been the longest break from this blog ever...
I have been keeping this little one

Had a wonderful summer , but I am glad it is over it was way too HOT to do anything during the day.
We did a lot of evening activities and of course the beach. 

Celebrated my In laws 50th anniversary in July 

Hung out with family and BBQued 
that is us at my sisters house celebrating my nephew graduation,
I hope to get back on a schedule to bring you the latest..
Thank you to those who sent me emails...


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pinterest-ing toddler activities.

Keeping little Miss Tealyn busy playing with toys other than the I- pad have 
been a challenge. She loves to get on to YouTube and listen to the Mother Goose club songs and different educational apps.  We didn't mind because she really has learned a whole lot of songs and rhymes, but I really feel strong about children having real play time.. Old fashioned playing that lets the imagination flourish like the kind we had as kids is what, I want for her... So, we have made some changes.....We have limited her time on the I-pad to 15 min in the morning twice a week and sometimes we don't even use it... We focus more on PLAYING and, I  have toddler music playing on Pandora app on my computer.

Here are some fun toddler activities we found on Pintrest..   

Dollar store Pom-poms
I call this scooping. She scoops one pom-pom from one bowl to another
She LOVES it and we also sort colors too...
Dollar store clay and tray..
Cheerio stacking with spaghetti and clay..Love this when I am food prepping . Keeps her busy for about 20 min
Crayon shoot..
kept her busy for about 10 min . I think maybe boys would probably enjoy this one better
notice how she put a car instead of a crayon.
She got tired of shooting crayons down the paper roll and started placing all the crayons in cup then she would empty it..
Shaving creme & food coloring
Note to self: when doing this don't buy a shaving creme with cologne. UGH...

She really loves this so much it is hard getting her out. .

Love to see her play..
Lego blocks never gets old..
This is one of my favorites...

Her very favorite kind of play is with her daddy..

Monday, May 18, 2015

When life gives you lemons....

Suck a toe!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself this little saying conveys everything I want to say.

Sometimes life does give you lemons. 

I  personally call them trials, and tribulations and oh boy they seem to come when everything is smooth sailing, when you are at your peak of bliss, when the sun is shinning brighter than ever, suddenly out of no-where


You are hit with a situation....

 So, today I ask God to give us strength to make lemon aide and to carry us through the little storms in our lives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fibi & Clo

I am so excited to share that I got a part of part time job with 

fibi & clo

And it happened by accident ..

I saw a pop up add on
I went to the page and I really loved their sandals, and wanted them all!!!

The love knot $30.00

So, I read about their company and I sent them an email..

A few days later I get a call from a representative.
and we started to talk ..
I told her I would join the team only under these conditions.


I just can't handle pushy sales people

And she agreed...
So, for a small investment...$185.00 I joined ... I got my kit of sandals a few weeks later and she set me up with a website

I am hosting my first party at my home mostly family.
here are some of the sandals...
I love them all! I already purchased two...

Coco Black $54.00

Positano $30.00

These are my next purchase... I think they would really look nice with my stretchy capri's

LOVE the ballet flats
and most of them are $30.00

Gold Cascade $49.50
Riviera Orchid just $15.00

Now you know why I want them all?

I am doing this PART- OF PART TIME...


 I don't want this to turn into a full time job. My baby still needs me. I just want to have fun,  enjoying meeting new people, all while making extra cash..

If you are interested in joining my team..send me an email or sign up at the website

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My first little lie

Just thought I'd share a funny story...
Sweet little Tealyn who is not even 18 months yet...
and doesn't speak to well ...
Is already.... in her own little way 


To keep her quiet and content in church, I usually will take some fruit snacks
It usually does the trick. This time she  wanted more than one in her mouth..
She kept mumbling "more" and signing more with her hands. I quietly told her 

"finish the one in your mouth"

Sneaky little Tealyn takes the fruit snack out of her mouth and hides it behind her
back and opens her mouth


To show me she had already finished. I couldn't help, but laugh right there


In the middle of  Fr. Mario's homily.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wedding favors

Guess what I've been busy making?
My sister Bey is getting married Saturday the 21st 


We started off with three of us making these

My sister 
a good friend
and I

Over a glass of wine and a long over due conversation

Everyone left....

And the next morning, I had 100 empty boxes and chocolates staring at me


Do you know how dangerous that is?
That afternoon another good friend came for a visit and helped me finish most of them. We chatted, and ever so often we would pop these chocolate babies into our mouths. I am so glad they're done.  Although now, I may need a JC Penny girdle...

We are so excited and looking forward to her wedding

Sunday, March 1, 2015

16 Months

Sweet Tealyn, 
You are growing up way too fast that I wish I could just make it stop. You are learning things at such a fast pace that you surprise, amaze and make us very proud of you.  How I wish I could bottle you up and save your precious smell, drools and your sweet sticky kisses forever. I am wishing so many beautiful things for you and your future and I am praying you will always be healthy and happy just like you are now.

* Your favorites*
The Elmo flip book 
ABC flip book
Wood flip flop alphabet block letters
Cookie monster count and crunch
Ipad apps
my phone
daddy's phone
wooden school bus

* Your dislikes*
Dinosaur pop up book (scared of dinosaur) 
Staying in car seat
Staying still while changing pamper
Putting your arms though sleeves
Staying in the shopping cart.

*You can identify and know the sounds of the letters A, B, C, E, O, P, M, R
*You know the shapes of circle, square, rectangle, and oval
*You have a good grip on the crayons and you are learning to color
*You can bring the spoon to your mouth.
*You can unlock and get to youtube both on the Ipad and on my phone to get to Mother goose club.
*You can get off the bed and couch very easily.

*You can say*
nack for snack
ookie for cookie
wa for water

You even know some
*Sign language*
all gone

And we are so proud to be your parents!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lady days

Miss Pixie Lou 
on her
"lady days"
 As if I needed one more thing on my plate, I get a side of a dog in heat topped off with her spotting all over the house...I am walking around with a mop and bucket all while keeping Tealyn from slipping and sliding and making sure she doesn't go into any of the carpeted rooms 
She is attracting so many dogs it's unbelievable. So far I have chased away a Pomeranian, Chihuahua, and a large grown Chow from my backyard. We repaired part of the neighbors fence and I even called the pound on one dog that scratched on my front door for three days without leaving.
I have already called the vet/clinic with a long list of questions regarding her getting


I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What NOT ask an adoptive parent

We have always been open to our family, friends and whoever else that is curious to know our adoption story.  It is beautiful and we feel so blessed having Tealyn in our lives so, why not?....But, unfortunately the questions that come with that are sometimes truly hurtful and have left me with a knot in my throat, speechless, and at times in tears...Here are some of those questions.
Brace yourselves!

:Who is the"real mother"? is her "real mother"?
Implying that I am not the "real mother"

I always answer this one sort of sarcastically "I am" and they almost always answer "you know what I mean"? (" No I don't" is what I wish I could say) After that I completely shut down. I don't even hear the conversation anymore, It's all background noise. I am so emotionally hurt.

* By the way I never give out personal and sensitive information about birth mother ever *

:Does her "mother" know her?
I find myself saying " You mean her birth mother" again, and again and again and again and again.... I have repeated this so many times to so many people. I feel a knot at the pit of my stomach, and I tend to just shy away or change the subject..

:Aren't you afraid that she might take her away from you?
I never answer this one. Why do you think it's okay for you to ask this? The look on my face says it all. My eyes start getting glossy and there really are no words. How do you answer an absurd question like this?  I go into shutdown mode, and again it's all background noise. Adoption is a real legal change involving the courts, I am not babysitting.

:How much did she cost?
Yes, I have been asked this... I say " lots and lots of prayer and love" in a nice and polite, but with a little bit of a sarcastic undertone (just a little) usually leaves them speechless.

:Are you afraid she will want to meet her "real mom" one day?
(I sometimes get this one after I have already reminded them that she is the birth mom.) I mean really... How do you answer this personal and sensitive question? and why is it okay to ask this type question at a supermarket when I haven't seen you since high school over 25 years ago? (Yes, this really did happen)

Don't get me wrong not everyone we run into at the supermarket or mall asks us questions in this way. Most people are polite, genuinely happy for us, and just wish us all the best. I understand a lot of people are curious and not familiar with how the adoption process works and I get that. I do. but don't forget how you pose a question to an adoptive parent makes all the difference in the way the conversation continues...

The truth of the matter is that we are in a legal semi-open adoption and we are going with the flow. We don't know what the future holds for BM or the future relationship she may have with our Tealyn. We continue praying for her and ask God to guide us. The one thing I do know that's for sure is that God knows our hearts and knows what's best.

There, I've said my peace.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February joy

I just love, love February maybe because it's a short month and everywhere I go I see lots of candy, sweets and everyone just seems more nicer.... I wonder why?...

I made this simple dollar store doily heart garland a couple weeks ago. I thought it would be fun  for Tealyn to start seeing touches of Valentine decorations around our home. Maybe she's too young to understand I don't know, but I feel it sort of brings excitement into her little dazzling eyes.
And besides I love to do SIMPLE crafts
Everytime she points to it I say "heart" and she repeats in her own mumbling baby way.
found this pretty little chevron heart wreath for a whopping price of 9.99 at
Big Lots 
I love Big Lots
Because when there is 
in my home there is 
in my
I rearranged our living room twice since taking off the Christmas decorations and I have to say I love it this way.. It just feels fresh and clutter free. I feel like it's a little more spacious. I LOVE little changes like this makes me feel sane in these sleep deprived days.
Im hoping I get more blooms from this Christmas cactus my sweet neighbor gave me.  Someone told me I need to hide her in a dark cold closet for the the spring and summer then bring her out again in the fall.
Is that true?