Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wedding favors

Guess what I've been busy making?
My sister Bey is getting married Saturday the 21st 


We started off with three of us making these

My sister 
a good friend
and I

Over a glass of wine and a long over due conversation

Everyone left....

And the next morning, I had 100 empty boxes and chocolates staring at me


Do you know how dangerous that is?
That afternoon another good friend came for a visit and helped me finish most of them. We chatted, and ever so often we would pop these chocolate babies into our mouths. I am so glad they're done.  Although now, I may need a JC Penny girdle...

We are so excited and looking forward to her wedding


  1. wow they look amazing - please post instructions :)

    1. Hi Marisa,
      Nothing to it.. Bought the boxes from hobby lobby ribbon comes with it, bought a package of crinkled paper. And chocolate came from SAMs wholesale ..
      The hard part is tying a bow flat.. Hah.
      Instructions for boxes come on the package..make the box, stuff paper, add the chocolate, close box and tie a bow.. Oh the custom tags came from etsy...

  2. oh, those are dangerously good! yup, i'd have been sampling, too. have a wonderful celebration of your sister's marriage!

  3. Enjoy your sisters wedding. Your wedding treats are great, I would have been sampling as well.


  4. LOL!! You should have called me to come over and help - we would have had a wonderful time! And I wouldn't have "popped" a single chocolate into my mouth - I can't STAND chocolate anymore! It's been about 6 months now that I can not even choke down anything chocolate. I've been practicing my Acupressure and I'm certain that one point in particular changed my taste for chocolate! And so many of my dessert specialties are chocolate. But, I'm changing!!

    Jan ♥

  5. Those would have been hard to resit! Glad you didn't ask for my help. LOL

  6. Oh, there would have been trouble filling the boxes if I had been there. ha! Such a CUTE favor! Great idea! Let me know if that Penny's girdle is any good. heeheehe. ;) Enjoy your sister's wedding!! blessings ~ tanna

  7. I love weddings. Best wishes to Bey

  8. Have a wonderful and memorable time with your family at the wedding!

  9. Such cute little favors! Have a good time at the wedding. Congrats to your sister!


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