Monday, February 9, 2015

February joy

I just love, love February maybe because it's a short month and everywhere I go I see lots of candy, sweets and everyone just seems more nicer.... I wonder why?...

I made this simple dollar store doily heart garland a couple weeks ago. I thought it would be fun  for Tealyn to start seeing touches of Valentine decorations around our home. Maybe she's too young to understand I don't know, but I feel it sort of brings excitement into her little dazzling eyes.
And besides I love to do SIMPLE crafts
Everytime she points to it I say "heart" and she repeats in her own mumbling baby way.
found this pretty little chevron heart wreath for a whopping price of 9.99 at
Big Lots 
I love Big Lots
Because when there is 
in my home there is 
in my
I rearranged our living room twice since taking off the Christmas decorations and I have to say I love it this way.. It just feels fresh and clutter free. I feel like it's a little more spacious. I LOVE little changes like this makes me feel sane in these sleep deprived days.
Im hoping I get more blooms from this Christmas cactus my sweet neighbor gave me.  Someone told me I need to hide her in a dark cold closet for the the spring and summer then bring her out again in the fall.
Is that true?


  1. my mother grew christmas cactus in her home in wisconsin. she never hid them but they bloomed every christmas time. sweet hearts around. :)

    1. That's good to know, but Wisconsin a whole lot cooler I think it would wilt and die here in our humid full summer.

  2. Hi Marissa, I love the heart and your decor is so beautiful. I have two Christmas Cactus that I've had for years and keep them in my kitchen window. they bloom beautifully and for a very long time. I wouldn't put those in a dark spot or closet. Poinsettias are something that you have to put into a closet if you expect to ever get it to bloom again. Happy Valentine's Day...

  3. Thank you Dolly.. I hope I don't kill it.... I love it..

  4. I also just keep my Christmas cactus on the kitchen table. I live near the river and it's very hot and humid in the summer. It does just fine.

    Love your little hearts all over the place. So cute!

  5. That's good to know. Thank you!

  6. I love your 'simple' heart garland, simple is how I like crafts as well.
    That cactus looks like what we call an inch plant, very pretty when it's in flower.


  7. Hi Marissa, I got all caught up with you.. love your heart garland and how pretty your den is. Your daughter is getting cuter every day! What an awful experience with the baby locked in. Too bad they didn't tell you all this stuff when you got the car! I got locked out of my car too not long ago, it was awful. I hope you have a great weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Your doily, sweetheart garland is darling, Marissa! I'm sure Tealyn takes in what she's supposed to, and when something is as pretty as this, she can't miss it!

    Your living room looks very cozy and comfortable. I love your red accent wall.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet family!


  9. I love February too! Have a sweet weekend!

  10. I keep my Christmas cactus on the patio all summer and it blooms BEAUTIFULLY when I bring it in for Christmas. I think the poinsettias may be the ones who need the closet????

    Your home looks so warm and welcoming! Love it! blessings ~ tanna


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