Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pinterest-ing toddler activities.

Keeping little Miss Tealyn busy playing with toys other than the I- pad have 
been a challenge. She loves to get on to YouTube and listen to the Mother Goose club songs and different educational apps.  We didn't mind because she really has learned a whole lot of songs and rhymes, but I really feel strong about children having real play time.. Old fashioned playing that lets the imagination flourish like the kind we had as kids is what, I want for her... So, we have made some changes.....We have limited her time on the I-pad to 15 min in the morning twice a week and sometimes we don't even use it... We focus more on PLAYING and, I  have toddler music playing on Pandora app on my computer.

Here are some fun toddler activities we found on Pintrest..   

Dollar store Pom-poms
I call this scooping. She scoops one pom-pom from one bowl to another
She LOVES it and we also sort colors too...
Dollar store clay and tray..
Cheerio stacking with spaghetti and clay..Love this when I am food prepping . Keeps her busy for about 20 min
Crayon shoot..
kept her busy for about 10 min . I think maybe boys would probably enjoy this one better
notice how she put a car instead of a crayon.
She got tired of shooting crayons down the paper roll and started placing all the crayons in cup then she would empty it..
Shaving creme & food coloring
Note to self: when doing this don't buy a shaving creme with cologne. UGH...

She really loves this so much it is hard getting her out. .

Love to see her play..
Lego blocks never gets old..
This is one of my favorites...

Her very favorite kind of play is with her daddy..


  1. she's getting so big and she's so cute!!! i like how when she's doing a task, she takes it very seriously. :)

  2. She is such a beautiful happy baby. I love to see them playing with real toys and using their imagination. Cute shots.


  3. She is so gorgeous! I think I could have some fun with those games, give me the shaving cream and colour!!!!!!! xo

  4. "High Heels and Daffodils" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  5. Lovely photos, and she is adorable! Great ideas. :)

  6. thinking of you! hope you summer is fantastic!

  7. Golly she's cute! What wonderful activities you have found for her. She looks very content and happy and I can tell that her Daddy is high on her list. Hope that you have had a very good summer.


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