Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am from...

A few weeks ago, while driving and listening to a talk show on NPR, I heard a woman reading a bilingual poem. The poem was so beautiful! As soon as, I got home I surfed the Web and found different versions. So, I thought I should have my own, this has been so much fun for me so, I hope you enjoy!!

I am from... I, am from tortillas de harina papa's and fidello con carne.

I, am from a small wooden framed home in San Juan that smelled like cominos.

I, am from curvy figures and big lips.

I, am from the fragrance of White Diamonds sitting on my grand mothers dresser.

I, am from the peach tree that grandpa took care of like, it was gold.

I am from Veladoras, Rosarios, and Psalm 23

I, am from "cada cabesa es un mundo" and "no puedes tapar el sol con un dedo".

I, am from barbacoba after Sunday mass con Johnnie Canales.

I, am from The Rio Grande Valley raspas on hot days and fajitas on week-ends.

I, am from pan de polvo, the dollar dance,and menudo after weddings.

I, am from when grandma picked up a stranger off the side of the road and, then gave her a lecture.

I am from "tocame porque me ases ojo" and "barame con un huevo porque me asiste ojo".

I, am from my uncle George who we call "Choche"

I am from the Pink Maybelline mascara, Cover girl powder, and big 80's hair.

I, am from "no tes fregando no aye dinero" and "mejor ponte a limpiar".

I, am from my tia's Petra, Elisa, and Olivia that know every detail about a feud that happened 20 yrs ago.

I, am from "dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres" and " el muerto y el arrimado a los tres dias apesta.

I, am from my aunts Licha and Bertha that grew up in a rancho and now live in "el norte"

I am from "ponte vicks" and "ponte savila" for everything!

I, am from when I took my sister's car without permission and then wrecked it.

I am from the ghost that lives at my moms house that she keeps denying.

I, am from my house on Live Oak filled with so many memories.

And finally,
I am from my Mom and Dad Melinda, Bey, and Bobby. And all my tias and tios
who I call my family.


  1. Its hard for me to remember the good times. Thanks for helping.
    Love Cindy

  2. Marissa, that is so cool, I loved it. Even more because Bert, George
    and I are in there.
    The whole poem is awesome. How did you come up with all those sayings?
    You forgot " I am from the one como el que chiflo en la loma" LOL
    Love Ya!

  3. U R ----talented.

  4. That was such a fun poem to read, so ORIGINAL!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome picture, awesome family, and you are an awesome person!! Thank you for sharing and 'You are from a part of my life that will always be treasured in my heart!! " Love you forever Chats!! Always thinking about you!! Miss you! Deb xoxox

  6. Wow Wow Wow!!! love this poem!
    think I will make one of my own!!!
    sounds like you had great child hood memories!


  7. love it you hit so many things that we as mexicans/hispanics whatever you call yourselfs can relate....something we will always carry in our hearts.

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!... The truth is ...It was Fun!..

    @ tia licha... I have never heard of that dicho..
    @ Cindy Im glad you are starting to remember...
    @ Debs...Thank you for making me feel special.. you are in my thoughts as well...


  9. Marissa, I loved your poem... It was a sweet trip to memory lane!



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