Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meagan's Confirmation Cake....

For Meagan's Confirmation, I decided, I would take care of the cake. So, after calling a few bakery's, and almost falling out of my chair with every call I made $$$$$ I, decided I would make her cake. So, I went to the nearest cake supply store and bought a Cross shape cake pan for $9.99, some sugar roses 4 for $ 1.00, and some eatable pearls $2.49 a bag. I already had the cake mix and glaze. My total purchase $15.97 I had really wanted to roll out fondant but, I didn't have time to learn and I already had the glaze... (The fondant is my next goal) I had so much fun applying each little pearl with a tooth pick. I know it's not so professional looking but, I think with more practice I can do better.
Plus I saved tons of money....

So,what's baking in your kitchen?


  1. Minna Montalvo-TamezMay 26, 2011 at 3:04 PM


    I think you did a beautiful job. For being a special occassion you did well...Next time call me and I can save you money...I have a million and one cake pans of all kinds of designs and characters (some still with tags and wrappers on them) with all that I have I could own my proper cake shoppe...Will all that you post I'm sure the cake was delicious.

    Take care and say Hi to Pio for me...


  2. Marissa,

    Wow..that cake, to me looked very professional! You out did your-self once again...

  3. Marissa,

    You're going to have to practice I want a 2 tier bday cake ...and I am asking for it Now!!! practice make perfect!!!

  4. Looks beautiful!! I'd hire you any time to bake me a cake!! You really have so many talents Chats!

    Love ya!


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