Saturday, June 18, 2011

June Showers!

My cousin Mike and his wife Dina are having their first baby this August. So is my dear friend Shannon in Austin!! The first shower was held for Dina June 13Th Although Dina couldn't attend her shower,(due to maternity complications) she was with us via Skype! All her cousins pitched in and catered. These delicious meatballs were made by my cousin Yvette Garza. Guess who made these?.... Yes, you guessed it ME!!! I made 76 of these, and when I got home my husband requested more! I ended up making 140 by the time the week-end was through! My mom made her famous southwest Bean Salad! ohh so good!!! My sister Melinda made her prize winning Spaghetti salad... My mom, also made this Bow tie pasta... My aunts good friend Mona made the chicken salad! My aunt Sylvia made her fruit salad!... and I wish I would of taken a picture of the cake... It was beautiful! Bailey won the "Don't cross your leg" game! She is good at keeping an eye on everyone watch out! I had such a good time catching up with cousins and relatives. We must do it again soon...

Shannon's Shower...

Here she is at 7 months and still so tiny!! Aren't these the cutest table arrangements? ...I think I will copy this idea... These cupcakes were so good! Shannon with her mom Janice and Oscars mom Socorro. How cute is this?... At first I thought it was Shannon....but, someone mentioned it was Oscar's baby picture.. Shannon and her beautiful cousins! Here we are Bey, Shannon,and me... Dont you just love Shower food?... Everything was so good!... Challenging games... Mom won this game... she guessed how many M&Ms were in this bottle. I hope she doesn't eat them all by herself... Shannon,Bailey and Robyn.... Shannon and Miss Meagan... Shannon and Oscar's baby pics....

Thank you both for having us share in your celebration of the new life you have created! May your babies always be blessed!


  1. Ah nice to see the familia pitch in. And this world needs another Shannon, wonderful person.

  2. I,agree!....Shannon is such a wonderful friend with a ONE OF A KIND personality!..its always fun and laughs when she's around. Baby Sophia is lucky to have her.

  3. Marissa,
    I too love shower food and all the silly games we play!... It great girl time and we all need it!
    Your friend Shannon seems like a fun fiend! Congratulations to her and your cousin Dina!


  4. loved all the showers, shannon looked great. shes gonna be a great mom

  5. This makes me hungry.

  6. this actually brought tears to my eyes...Shannon is so beautiful...glowing!

  7. Thank you Marissa for being a special part of all this.I loved seeing all of you and it was a great time. I would love to have copies of the pics for Sophia's baby book. Loved all of it. Thanks for sharing. The food at your cousins shower looked fab.. Hmmm !


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