Sunday, April 2, 2017

Daddy's girl

The connection between Tealyn and her dad is beautiful to witness. They are truly best buddies in every way.  Her eyes light up with joy and she becomes giddy everyday when he comes home from work. They play together building forts and pretend to be Peppa and Daddy Pig.  It is the cutest thing to see. They have conversations about her day he pays close attention to her and listens to her stories. Saturdays become what they both call DAD-UR-DAY  they make breakfast together and while singing and sometimes dancing . Dadurdays is what she looks forward to all week. Their bond is amazing and beyond belief and it makes me so incredibly proud . 

They say that a fathers bond with his daughter is extremely important and that helps to build confidence, self esteem, self image, and it even impacts her ability to preform well academically well then, I shouldn't have any problems in those departments. I just pray that their bond always remains this way and that when she goes through rough patches in her life that she continues to have the confidence to rely on her dad to get her through it. I pray when the time comes that she finds someone as strong and attentive as her dad. I love to see their connection become stronger its a beautiful thing.


  1. This was such a lovely post...thank you for sharing Marissa. It did my heart good to see father and daughter bonding. How precious is it...DAD-UR-DAY!!!

  2. Marissa, it was so lovely to hear from you! My goodness, Tealyn has grown so much! What a pretty, young lady she is becoming.

    I know how you feel about being proud and happy that Tealyn is a daddy's girl since my Liberty is, too. Okay, she's both!

    I went back and read a few of your earlier posts to catch up, and I so enjoyed seeing pics of your family and your daughter's development (as well as your backyard retreat - the star jasmine and the lantana are looking amazing!).

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. Marissa, I am so happy to hear from you again! Tealyn is just beautiful! When did she get so big? I love that she's a Daddy's girl and I hope she always will be. A Daddy is a girl's best friend, I think.

  4. It is a most incredible bond! I wish that I had had that with my dad. Sounds like the perfect childhood going on there!

    1. hoping for wonderful childhood memories.

  5. It is a beautiful thing!! Truly beautiful!! A bond that will forever be that way! Big Hugs and Much Love!!

  6. Marissa, I just love your writing. I love how much you take care of your home and family . Best regards Jill Sommer

  7. A lovely photograph.
    A lovely post.

    "DAD-UR-DAY" I like that!

    All the best Jan  


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