Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bobcat sighting

My husband had been looking for this bobcat for a very long time.   We both saw him one time on a hike while birding at a nearby state park and never saw him again. The next time he went birding after work, he spotted him right away, and of course he didn't have his camera.  He has been going several times since then and he would spot the cat every once in awhile, however, something would always happen to his camera just as he was about to take his picture so there was never any proof  that he would see it.  He would come home and say " I spotted the bobcat it was on the trail" and of course I would always say "sure"...  He has been going alone on this hike for a while now because I just didn't want to deal with the whole stroller, mosquitoes, sunblock this and that and Tealyn becomes cranky in the evenings when shes ready for bed.  

About a month ago he decided to go again, this time he made sure his camera was charged 

I'm so glad I didn't go I would have been terrified, but what a beautiful shot he took.


  1. A beautiful shot, indeed! Wow! Are bobcats dangerous? Your hubby must be so proud of his proof!

    Happy Wednesday, Marissa!


  2. Great shots of the bobcat.
    Tealyn is growing into a gorgeous little girl, a real cutie. Nice to have a catchup :)


  3. Your hubby's perseverance paid off...beautiful shots!
    I would have been afraid, too and worried about my child...especially a small child~

  4. How beautiful!!! Wow!! What a gorgeous animal!! We should be so grateful that there is "wildlife" around us still! Yes, it would I would be afraid too, but I would be so happy to see him or her! Big Hugs!


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