Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring fever

I am so excited about spring this year for so many reasons 
I can actually now see progress
I decided I needed more of a flower bed so we had our yard guy make curves and remove another 4 feet of grass. I want to fill the entire bed with fox tail ferns. So exciting.
We also started working on the other side of the yard removed grass, painted, straightened out the fence (somewhat) added bushes and a Crape Myrtle Tree
and I am going to fill this entire space too.
We had this staircase build for Tealyns tree house 
we just now need to stain it. She loves, loves, loves it..
The smell of my Star Jasmine is pure heaven these days..
My sweet neighbor gave me this lantana Isn't it just beautiful?  I planted it and can't wait for it to grow.  Slowly (very slowly) but surely my backyard retreat is coming together and I couldn't be happier 


  1. What beautiful flowers....and gorgeous garden. How lovely to have that in your life, inspiring you each day. :)

  2. Your yard look great. Flowers are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Marissa, thank you so much for visiting my blog. This way I have been able to visit here and see all of these lovely photos...gorgeous!!!
    Every child should be lucky enough to have a tree house...a secret place of their own. Our great grandson has one that his father built for him...he will now be sharing it with his baby sister who will be two years old soon, I am not sure that he is thrilled about this :)

    1. Jan, Im sure they both will enjoy it together. Our tree house was already here when we moved we just added a staircase. Thank you so much for coming by.

  4. Marissa everything is looking so beautiful!!! I am so happy for you! I love the stairs to Tealyns play house! So precious! Big Hugs!

  5. I so loved this post and the beautiful blooms, oh the cleared landscape! To we gardeners that is like candy to a child! Beautiful!


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