Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bottle Brush Tree.

This is my neighbors tree
across the 
street from me.

This is the
prettiest tree on our street.

These blooming beauties put on a dramatic, non -stop
eye - catching 
for me every 


Their red showy spikes are at least 5 inches long
shaped like a bottle brush

Isn't this just gorgeous?
I love
this tree!

I noticed, as I was taking pictures
that honeybees
the red clusters
I backed off a little... more like
got scared.

My neighbor reassured me 
the bees were

One day I am going to plant this tree in
my back yard along with the

 avocado, lemon, grapefruit,


what else have I mentioned?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Marissa!!! I have never heard of or seen one before. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of nature with us. I hope that your dreams come true for your backyard~~~

  2. Thanks Jan!! I too hope my dreams come true!!!
    Thanks for the visit!!

  3. Really a pretty tree.....go for it get that tree in your backyard....maybe your neighbor can give you a cutting? We still in winter mode in my neck of the woods can't wait for spring!

  4. Such a beautiful tree and the photography is great as well. Wouldn't these blooms be gorgeous in an arrangement?! Thanks so much for sharing nature's beauty from your neck of the woods.

  5. I have never seen one of these! Just beautiful! SO glad you braved the bees for photos. I am going to look this one up! Thanks!

  6. What a beautiful tree! I have never heard or seen one. Now I want one.

  7. Such a pretty tree flowering it's little heart out on your street Marissa!
    The flowers are so delicate - perfect photos!
    Shane ♥

  8. That's a new tree on me and so aptly named. Nice to have it to look at across the street.

  9. Marissa, That is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen!!! love all the bottle brushes...I hope your neighbors take care of it for years to come!! XOXO Kim!!

  10. That tree is just gorgeous! Can't believe your yards look like that while we have snow on the ground!

    That tree would be delightful in anyone's yard. How great that you have it to enjoy!


  11. The yards look like this all year no snow here! We could use rain though we are in a bad drought!!
    Thank you Judy!

  12. I love that tree! I've never seen one before. I'll have to see if they grow in my area. Hope you have a nice week.

  13. Thanks for coming by my blog ;o) Please to meet you ;o) I love this tree! I have never seen anything like it! Wow! Your neighbor is right! The bees won't harm you ;o) I garden all the time, with them buzzing around me and I have never been stung ;o) Take Care ;o)

  14. That certainly is a beautiful tree! I've never seen anything like it.

    (My husband is just laughing over your comment at my place today. I told him that I was here to say that he seems to prefer my toes polished as well.)

  15. Marissa que lindo arbol de tus vecinos!! Me encantaría plantar unos dos!! pero tengo muncho miedo de las abispas. Ya parese que te miro con las abispas me das muncha risa...

    1. Anna, munchas gracias!! las abispas no me molestaron porque dice me vesino que son de miel y que no molestan.. pero si les tengo mucho respecto!.. asen un ruido zzzzzzzzzzz y me susto..:)

  16. Hi Marissa...

    I'm a bit behind in responding to your lovely comments on my Blog...on the Tea Party and the B&B (3rd part is up today), but I've been away. Thanks for stopping by and visiting in my absence. I always appreciate your comments!!

    I must say that is one BEAUTIFUL tree! I love the bottlebrush look!!! And the color - WOW!!

    Jan ♥

    1. Oh Jan no worries!!! Thank you so much!! I have really enjoyed your home tours!!!

  17. Hi Marissa, Bottlebrush trees are very pretty but growing up our next door neighbor had one and the needles shed-clean up is huge. I remember my dad hated the tree even though he loved gardening. I would love a lemon tree but they don't survive the snow and cold.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  18. Wow~ I have not noticed the tree being messy, and believe me I notice everything..LOL
    have a good day..

  19. Such a pretty tree. Very tropical looking. Best wishes to you for a wonderful day. Tammy

  20. I love bottle brush trees I had 4 in my backyard at my house I just sold . I actually bought them one year at Houston garden center for $3 each the grew to be large beautiful trees :)

    1. 4 Wow!! I bet your yard was gorgeous in the spring! and for $3 dollars that's an amazing deal!!

  21. The tree looks lovely, wish i had one too!
    Ii'm coming over from Anita, and a a new follower of your blog. Want to follow me too?
    I have a great giveaway going on, you can win free designer eyeglasses! See you soon - hope you have a lovely weekend, M.

    1. Thanks for the visit Martina I will check out your blog!!

  22. You have fruit trees? I am so jealous! :) That red one sure is pretty!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Made my morning :)

    oh & about you hoping for one...I'll say a little prayer right now :)

  23. A beautiful tree! The red brushes are so vibrant and pretty. I'd want one in my backyard too! Have a great weekend, Laura

  24. Does the bottlebrush also attract hummingbirds? It seems like it would.

    By the way, I have nominated you for a Liebster award:http://www.thankfulme.net/2013/02/thursday-thoughts-id-like-to-thank.html

  25. Wow, it's so beautiful. love the vibrant color and the fact, the bees are drawn to it, is amazing. I agree, plant one in your yard. I hope you are enjoying the week-end.

  26. My mom lives in Florida, and has a beautiful bottlebrush tree growing there. I wish they would grow in Ohio!

  27. That is something you don't see in Colorado!! i love it! I am curious, can you dry the flowers? It would be magnificent in a dried arrangement!! I think it sound so wonderful to have such beauty on your street. Do they have a sweet smell? I would imagine so, if the bees enjoy them.

  28. I've never seen a tree like that before. They must not be native to my area. It is very pretty and unique. It really deserves its name too!

  29. Hi Marissa,

    Your pictures of this absolutely beautiful bottle brush tree are mesmerizing! I also adore these beauties and planted a tree in my front yard and two bushes in my front path. If you are like me and LOVE red, plant them! They don't have a fragrance, but are simply stunning!

    Poppy xo


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