Monday, February 4, 2013

Table runner is here...

After going shopping all day on Saturday, I come home and find a big package sitting on the dining table.. I knew exactly who that was from!
In celebration of her 100th post she had a sweet give away
and guess who won?
That would be 

After arranging my bowl of apples on my new table runner, I had a thought...
This is way to pretty for just a bowl of apples to be sitting on top of it, so I get in my car 
and head for the supermarket in search for some pretty flowers
I find these pretty

I got so excited that I broke some flowers off.

Love the tassel!

This table runner got me
Why don't I have more
Table runners?

I a see a future project coming!!
my head is spinning out of 
control with all these
crazy ideas..

Wait, that would require sewing...


Oh, Judy
look what you started...

I did not sleep all night!

And as a BONUS she gave away this sweet vintage silver ladle.. I looked all around my kitchen for a perfect home, and then I found it!... On my mossy pot twig swag  that sits on my bakers rack...I think it blends in very well!
Thank you, so much Judy!


  1. You got some great stuff in the mail! Congrats on the win, love it when it goes to nice people.
    Love the polka dots. They always make me smile and I love that ladle. Enjoy your new toys.

  2. Hi there, I love the table runner-it is so fun!!! The colors of the carnations are perfect for it too. I think you're going to be making a lot of them.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Thanks ladies.. I can't stop arranging table went out and bought a crystal vase.. I am thrilled!

  4. such a pretty table runner! congratulations on you win.

  5. I love to get excited and just can't wait to create. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend and I couldn't wait to get home and get busy.

  6. Marissa, that is such a pretty table runner..Congratulations on that win..I thought both the apples and carnations looked good cant wait to see what you got planned..Kim

  7. I was so pleased when Judy announced that you were the winner! What a perfect month to receive the pretty thing. I tend to forget about runners too but your table always looks dressed with one and tablecloths get messy so quickly. Love the silver ladle too!

  8. Such a nice give away! By the way - love your recipe from your last post. Yes, growing up in San Antonio TX you could say we had many of those kinds of meals.

    Oh, hopefully in about a week I'll have a give away - maybe you can win again!


  9. Marissa que bonito la mesa, me gusta como la arreglaste. Parese que estas lista para el dia de valentine...nunca comense la dieta...

  10. How adorable that runner is! You lucky gal :)

  11. What a cute runner love the tassle too

  12. That is the cutest table runner, so bright and cheery!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I hope your family likes the chili. I have revised the ingredients for smaller families. I forgot to do this initially.

    Thank you again.
    Have a great week.

  13. Congrats to you! The tablerunner is very cheery! How funny that you ran out to get flowers. Enjoy! And have a great week. Tammy

  14. Congratulations on your win! What a pretty table runner. Love the ladle too.

  15. Congrats on your big win! Isn't it fun to win giveaways? I really like that runner and your pretty flowers on top of it.

  16. You are so lucky. Your table runner is lovely. Now we'll wait and see what table runners you come up with.

  17. What lovely gifts Marissa. The flowers were a perfect idea.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so happy to meet you!

  18. That is amazing Marissa lucky you!!

  19. Your table looks beautiful! Congrats on winning the lovelies. Thanks for your visit. I am looking forward to following along...maybe you'll teach me how to make a table runner?? It would be a great accomplishment since I can't sew a stitch!

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  21. I bet I know what your making... :) cant wait to see...

  22. Oh I am waiting for a sweet package in the mail myself! Thank you for plaing Leap Blog today and for leaving a comment so I'd know you were there. Very nice win and that ladle looks right at home at your place.

  23. Hi Marissa,

    Your tablescape is charming; it made me smile. I would call this work of art 'Carnation Inspiration'!


  24. Congratulations on your wonderful win!! The table runner is beautiful but that silver ladle gets my heart racing! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  25. Marissa - it didn't work. I still can't reply back to you. Maybe your husband can help you.

  26. I made a table runner using that Stitch Witchery stuff. No sewing, just ironing.


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