Monday, March 4, 2013

The Liebster award

Kristy over at awarded me the Liebster award.  WooHoo!!!!! Thank you so much Kristi!
 At first, I thought this had something to do with Lobsters, turns out it doesn't, ( had to re-look at spelling ) but that wouldn't  be a bad idea since we are in midst of lenten season, and seafood is so darn expensive now would it?

 After doing a little research on the Liebster Award, it seems like a sort of  “Pay It Forward” kind of award.

Okay, so here are the rules....

Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster award:
1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then

create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.

4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

I hope I am doing this right...

Okay, here we go....

Here are the random FACTS about me...
  1. I have never ever eaten a Big Mac in my life. Not even a taste..Why?.. Well It just never has appealed to me simple as that.
  2. I have been in the Oval office once during the Clinton administration and the Press room. A post I will do one day..
  3. I hate Mayonnaise. Once my mom ordered me a Whopper with mayo and I refused to eat it!! she took it off with a butter knife,but I still knew it was there. Needless to say I did not eat dinner that day.
  4. I speak Spanglish! What that means is I go from Spanish to English or English to Spanish without even a thought, and combine the two. Drives my husband crazy!!
  5. Spanish was my first language.
  6. I just recently learned how to ride a bike. I'm really getting good at riding, but stopping is a whole other story! Its never too late to learn!!
  7. I can't really tell time with a watch that has lots of graphics on it.
  8. I hardly ever turn left. I will turn right and go until there is no traffic and come back.There has to be a green arrow for me to turn left.
  9. I am not very sentimental, I can part with things very easily especially if it creates clutter.
  10. I don't know how to turn on our living room TV..  And that is because we have like 4 remotes. Each one serves a purpose, and I get really frustrated by that, so  I just don't turn it on .. my bedroom Tv  has one remote. ON and OFF.. love it!!
  11. Sometimes I sneak in snacks into a movie theater in a big purse. The prices of soft drinks are ridiculous!!
Now, for the questions Kristi posed on me

Which would you rather have, 20 chickens or 1 goat? 
I think I would rather have 20 chickens.. If my family found out I had a goat they would want to kill it and have a fiesta (party) goat meat with blood is supposed to be really good. Don't worry I have never eaten a cabrito and don't plan too. 

Would you rather travel back in time or forward in time?
Oh that is easy I would love to go back in time!! I love the teenage time those were some fun times!!  80s were the best!!!

  If you had unlimited resources, where would you like to vacation, and what would you do?
 Good one! I think for me, It would be Greece after watching Mama Mia I don't know how many times Greece is where I'd go!

 Would you rather sleep in or stay up late?
I would rather sleep!!  I have not been getting sleep as I should, so sleep wins! 

 Which major would you choose if you were to attend college now?
  At this moment right this moment it would be Law School .. I guess I have been 
  watching way too much of the Jodi Arias trial..  

 If you could visit (or live in) any make-believe land from literature, which would you choose?
The wonderful world of Oz of course!!

It's nearly dinnertime, and you forgot to plan.  What do you have for dinner?
Lubys is 5 min away. Thank heavens!!

What makes you laugh?
My husband hands down.  No one I know is as funny as he is!! He can walk into any room and all of a sudden there is laughter.

 What is one character trait you admire?
 I would say my honesty..I love being honest with people!

 What are the biggest influences in your life?
 Oh my gosh...I hope you meant Who?.. and that would be God!!

 Do you still live in your hometown?  If not, how far away do you live?
  Yes and No... I live here in the Rio Grande Valley, so that is a yes, but live  
  different city of the valley than my hometown. I live in Weslaco which is a 20 min
   drive to my hometown of Mission in the valley...hope I didn't confuse you...

And now, without further ado, I pass along the awards to the following awesome worth reading blogs!!! 

Maria at

Tete of

 Ann, Heather, and Shiela at

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And now for the fun part my questions to the nominees
  1. How did you come up with your blog name?
  2. Are you a realist or an idealist?
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  4. Are you a saver or a spender?
  5. Are you a touchy feely person?
  6. What would you do with your life if nobody was watching, judging or commenting?
  7. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  8. Are you superstitions? don't walk under a latter, black cat crossing you path, a rabbits foot will bring you luck etc..
  9. Do you take morning or night showers?
  10. You get an unexpected check from your insurance company for $1000 dollars what do you do with it?
  11. What was the last perfume you bought? 
And there you have it. Congratulations to all and hope to get to read all your replys If you wish not to accept the award that is fine by me.. Thanks and have a blessed day!!



  1. Thanks for playing along--it was great to read your answers!

  2. I loved learning more about you, but you really must try a big mac. Honestly, its good.
    I will get to doing this when I get back from surgery. May be the weekend and thank you for the award. Still rough going today.
    Congrats on your award.

  3. Marissa I so enjoyed reading this about you! Thanks for the award and I will post it later today! Thanks for you visits and's so nice to get to know you. g

    1. Thanks Gina!! look forward to the answers..

  4. Marissa great answers ....thanks for choosing me I will do my best to answer all your questions....great questions by the way!


  5. Awesome Marisa can't wait to read your answers.

  6. Congratulations, Marissa!!! I thought your answers were great and I always enjoy learning about people in "blogland" :)

    As far as a Big Mac goes...I think they are "yummy" but very sloppy to eat :D


    1. Thanks Jan!! I don't know about eating a Big Mac.. I don't think I am missing out..

  7. Congrats! You deserve this award... I loved your answers and random endearing!

  8. Marissa you are so funny pretty girl! I needed this laugh today! I laughed out loud! I thought I was the only one who disposes four remotes in the front room and can't even turn the tv on ha! The hubs is an audio/video technician by trade and he loves electronics hence the massive remotes. You can't just turn on and off you have to turn tv on then blue ray box home theatre system another thingy more speakers surround sound gah just on and off lol so I had that in our room until we decided on a flat screen in which he wanted blue ray etc in there lol so now I can hardly work that one I am glad miss Kelcee's room is on off ha! So girlfraaaaan I feel your pain!

    Do you know I have never ever tried a Big Mac either I think the thought if special sauce gag lol! I dunno I just won't try one lol!

    I love that you love being honest that is a big thang for me I love honesty and am always honest!

    I have a degree in criminal justice I think I told ya that! I love your hubs makes you laugh mine does too! That makes for a fun marriage!

    Great post!


    1. Aww Thanks so much for your sweet comment Summer!! Wow I thought I was the only one in this world who has not tried the Big Mac Its good to know!! I'm glad you are feeling better!
      One day I will learn to use the remote, but for now that is one thing less. have a good day.

  9. The 80's did rock, I agree ;o) You know, I have only had one Big Mac in my life! And, I still don't ride a bike! LOL! Congrats on the award and I loved reading about you ;o) Take Care ;o)

    1. Wow you too that is amazing! The 80s did rock!! Thank so much!!

  10. Marissa, i loved learning more about you and your answers were great! I wish I could speak Spanish but the 2 years I had in high school have long faded away. I smiled reading about you speaking Spanglish, of course thinking of the movie and also one of my most favorite movies, Tortilla Soup. Have you ever seen that? I could just watch the wonderful cooking in it over and over.

    It is so sweet of you wanting to nominate me to take part in this award but honestly right now I am finding it hard to even blog as my house is completely disorganized due to an emergency bathroom remodel--the shower had to be torn out and part of the bathroom gutted due to major leaks. I'll pass on this but will look forward to checking back and clicking on your other nominees to get to know them. Very thought provoking questions, Marissa!

  11. Dewena no worries get that bathroom fixed!!! Tortilla soup was a good movie..I love that I am bilingual it's never too late to learn Spanish Rosetta Stone I hear is good!

  12. Hi Marissa,
    Thank you so much for visiting me, its been a pleasure getting to know you. I have become your newest follower.
    I have enjoyed reading many of your past posts.
    As a little girl I used to watch my Aunt Jessie and my Aunt Eleanor make tortilla's and they would let me help make the tamales'.
    How wonderful that you have a ranch to go to. I grew up with my dad hunting.
    I look forward to visiting you again. Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  13. Well that was fun and now I feel as if I know a little bit more about you. Spanglish, eh? That has got to be interesting for your friends and husband.

  14. Congrats! and I love bottle brush trees as well :-)

  15. Oops. Thought I had commented on this and now I see I haven't. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Thanks for the award. I hope you enjoyed my answers.

  16. I am really thinking of some good answers!!! thanks so much for including me...still thinking :-)

  17. Thanks Marissa. I'm taking a little blogging break, but I'll be sure to answer your questions when I get back.

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  19. You know, I must have missed this before or just missed my name on here. I need to do this...I will have time soon enough, I think. Thank you for the award. You're awesome. Loved learning more about you through this.


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