Friday, January 4, 2013

Slowing down the pace.

Happy New Year!! I am so happy the holidays are now behind us!! Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays and all the fun and joy that comes with it but, I am so ready to get some organizing done, de-clutter this house, and get back to a routine. I love it when my husband has an extended vacation but, I love it more when he goes back to work! I hope that didn't sound too mean... I have really slacked off and enjoyed a few too many pan de polvo cookies, tamales, and mall food! Who hasn't?..So, I need to also get back to eating "normal" and exercising in the evenings.
We started off the New Year by slowing down the pace relaxing and enjoying the outdoors! The peace that that comes from the little simple pleasure of waiting and watching the birds fly by and landing on a feeding station is un-real!
Did you know that the Rio Grande Valley is one of the most popular birding and butterfly watching hot spots in the world?

it sure is

and I just happen to live here.


  1. What great pictures! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the country. Hope you have a wonderful new year. It's good to be back to "normal" after celebrating for a month.

  2. I am still waiting to return to normal......I finally took down the decorations. It will happen.
    What a beautiful place to live. Love your photos.

  3. Hi Marissa! Did you take those photographs? Beautiful birds, and I didn't know you would have such exotic looking birds there. It is nice to get back to a normal routine, isn't it? But we'll be ready again next fall to start all over again.

    Marissa, I responded to your comment on my blog by email. From what you wrote I wasn't sure you knew you could check my reply to you there. I sure didn't know until Betty at Southern Grace explained it to me. You always leave such sweet comments, not just on mine but whenever I see your name on another blog I know I can count on you to be encouraging.

    I think you write beautifully! I love hearing your thoughts.

  4. Beautiful birds. We don't see many birds here this time of year: too much snow and cold!

    And thanks for commenting on my reading post. Me? I make no judgements on what people choose to read. I too am a God loving Christian woman with a wide variety of tastes. Just read! That's the thing.

  5. I missed those birds a lot when I moved up the Northwest, it is nice to be able to hear songbirds again in CA, just like in TX.

  6. How Gorgeous are those creatures. I feel a bit nerdy sometimes but I really like watching birds too :)

  7. How Gorgeous are those creatures. I feel a bit nerdy sometimes but I really like watching birds too :)

  8. Wow! What is that gorgeous orange creature? I just love bird watching.
    It appears you also live where there is very.little.WINTER. *sigh*
    I stopped by to say thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments lately--you have made my day repeatedly.
    I am following now!


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