Monday, October 8, 2012


Chances are, I still have that old cell phone charger from 1999 no joke!! I think this is a man thing? Wires for cell phones, for connecting things, for old video games, for this for that. It's all the same to me. Found a box of wires in my cabinets and it just irked me... I decided to organize and get rid of cell phone charger's and wires once and for all.. I feel like a hoarder when I keep things lying around the house we have no use for..
Old video game wires and games he no longer uses are headed to the attic..really wish I could just toss them in the trash, give them away, or have them mysteriously disappear..
I am keeping these two connectors for Christmas trees in this drawer that is it nothing else!
This is what started this all! I came to sit on my couch and noticed these wires from the side of the cabinet. I wonder what he was trying to connect? I jumped off and ...
tucked it nicely behind the cabinet.

Out of mind out of sight!!

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