Friday, October 19, 2012

Velvet Pumpkin's

When I first saw these Velvet Pumpkins a few years ago I fell in love! I looked all over for them in Hobby Lobby and stores where I thought, I could find them..I never found them.. I went on- line and found a few sites where they sold them, but they were so expensive one small pumpkin was being sold for around $36.00 I thought that was ridiculous so I gave up and forgot about them.

                                                            Until this year..
When I walked into Ross for my weekly walk around there they were underneath a shelf, in a basket next to some dish towels and perfumes.. of all places! and for a whopping price of $2.99 I grabbed them all!
I love the deep rich colors don't you?... The only thing is... If you look closely you can see the white tag on the stem I don't know why they would place their price tag and glue it underneath the stem? I tried cutting as much as I could maybe I should try using some pliers, but for $2.99 I'll live with it...


  1. Love your velvet pumpkins! They are bold and how they are displayed..

  2. Pretty pumpkins xoxo T

  3. Marissa, que bonito arreglaste me encanto!!


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