Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At last....

Romeo graduated with his Masters this past weekend.

He chose the hooding ceremony instead of the whole big arena graduation with thousands of others

Here he is with his classmate and professor.

In his acknowledgement letter he thanked all the people who who helped him along the way...

including his parents

Here he is with my mom

And a bunch of his classmates..

Romeo, your hardwork and persistence has finally paid off. I am so proud of you!!! May the lord continue guiding you though life and may you continue chasing your dreams!!! Love you always Marissa.


  1. Congratulations to your husband and may his success continue.

  2. Ok Romeo I got some jobs for you now. Isn't a great feeling knowing you can work anywhere?! Be proud your a great role model!

  3. that was my comment: Cindy Idk how to work this blog yet Marissa

  4. Way to go Romeo! love the smerk you have in all the pics. LA MUSICA PORDENTRO!


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