Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coupon Clipping Sunday.

After, watching a TV show about an obsessed woman who clipped coupons and paid close to nothing for her groceries, I got really excited and thought... If this woman could do it why couldn't I? So, that night I told Romeo about all my plans of how we were going to save tons of money, and even get FREE stuff! his response? "SURE" with a roll of eyes!. I didn't pay any attention to him. I went to bed really excited looking forward to Sunday's paper.

I did a little homework online, and even went to a sight that offered coupons! I then charged off to the market.

I kept focused on all the things I needed and not wanted. I remembered the obsessed woman had one rule: She didn't buy anything she didn't have a COUPON for. Then realization hit! how in the world could I do that? I needed milk but didn't have a coupon for it! what about cheese? Could my sandwich survive without the "Jalapeno Jack"? And I knew I needed body wash and there was no way I was returning home without that! I just had to do my best with coupons I already had and use the store's in house coupons as well.

I took what seemed hours comparing prices to those of the coupons, It takes time, but in the end its all worth it!! And by the way, I had a $2.00 coupon for these "Dryers fruit bars" not that I needed them, but with a savings like that who can resist?

And sometimes I would get a little distracted....... Aren't these the cutest brooms and mops? I thought about it... UGGHH.. and thought about it.. but I didn't!!! walked away thinking next time..

Ahhh and my favorites right at the check out!! 142 ways to improve the value of your home. Caught my attention! I picked it up thumbed through it and put it back, Picked it up again, then put it back, then grabbed the "Country Gardens" loved it too!! and thought of all the improvements I could do! put it back, then picked it up again finally put it back! The people behind me must of thought I was crazy the checkout lady asked " Are you sure you don't want it"? I almost took both! but I didn't! I had to remind myself I was there for a savings spree not a spending spree and besides, I really wanted to see my savings on paper! I thought maybe next time!

And in the end I saved $ 17.87 the most I have ever saved!! just by clipping coupons and using the in-house coupons store offers! I couldn't believe all these years of ignoring coupons how insane! $17.87 is a start my goal for next week is between $20.00 and $25.00 dollars.

The feeling was AWESOME!

Until I got home...


  1. Great info, Thanks for Sharing, this is the one area I must cut back on, didn't get this plump butt for nothing..LOL

  2. My mom is big on coupons!Especially H.E.B. meal deals~the other day we got a brisket n then about 20$ worth of free food (mind u it was food we actually use in our home)If only the H.EB.in harligen was as big n nice as the one in Sharyland~ if they carried those adorable mops n brooms u posted I would b on my way to grab one!


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