Saturday, February 5, 2011

Preparing for the Winter Blast

It is not very often, in the Rio Grande Valley that temperatures drop all the way to freezing. When it does like this week we all tend to panic a little especially those of us that hold our plants near and dear to our hearts. This was no easy task!! First, I had to go look for old sheets, thank goodness for my in laws that helped me with a few. For the rest... I, went to the local Home Depot and bought cotton insulators. We, watered like crazy and left the rest up to Mother nature.

Try wrapping the bush against the wind... We finally got smart and started using duck tape.

We sat back, turned on our Fire place, and I made a tasty Chicken soup...

And, this is what we awoke to... ICE EVERYWHERE.


My poor Mexican Fire Bush was too cold and froze to death... she was a beautiful show bush.. she gave me so much pleasure in the mornings and evenings and never once complained of thirst. I will always remember you...

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