Thursday, April 1, 2010

* Late Bloomer*

Last year for Fathers Day I asked my dad what he wanted.. he replied "Nada Pero, si me queres dar algo me gustaria un Tulipan" nothing but, if you want to get me something I would like a Hibiscus! OK that's easy I remember thinking I wanted him to choose his bush so, I brought him along on this quest.. We went to a local nursery where we found many type of Hibiscus bushes. The lady showed us the exotic ones they are are huge, multi-colored, multi-shaped, splashy, and amazing. We chose a deep pink This is quite the showy plant featuring large, single, deep rose-pink flower with a blazing darker pink center. The bush had 3 buds so we were excited! We brought the bush home planted it in a nice Terra Cotta pot gave it some water and waited and waited... but, instead of blooming the buds fell off.. After about a month of hearing my dad say "el Tulipan nunca dio flor".. My mom decides to plant in the ground.. but, still it never bloomed until this Spring when I drove up and noticed the LARGE flower blowing lightly in the wind..

I could almost hear the Hibiscus say... "Happy belated Fathers Day"


  1. That is so sweet. Just think, that the thought was planted in your dads head without a flower, but natures course had a flower on the way for him to see some day. The day is here for the whole world to see in it's proper time with LOVE AND TENDER CARE!!

    UNCLE BUTCH 2010


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