Monday, April 5, 2010

* Dr Long and Bridget*

Still, as an adult every time I pass by this building that by the way, I was born in I get the "Hibbie Jibbies". This building brings back bitter sweet memories!.. First, I must admit that when I visit a doctor's office I literally have to "sike" myself!
And it all started with this building some 35 years ago!..My mother would bring my sisters, and I here every time one of us would get sick and all 3 of us would end up getting a SHOT!..

To begin with... Bridget "The Nurse" was my mothers personal friend ..When one of us would throw up, catch the flu, or get a fever my mom would waist no time calling Bridget! She had that number MEMORIZED!.

We would arrive at this building with one of us being sick not all of us... THAT'S WHEN THE DRAMA WOULD START! She would struggle getting us off the car! Then after a few minutes we would make our way inside.

I can still remember the smell, the white oval chairs along the window and the shiny floors! The crying would begin as she would sign us in. She would tell the nurse "DE Una Vez Todas"

My Sister Melinda was always the brave one! Her face would be a little scared but, she never cried! Bey and I on the other hand, would DRIVE MY MOM CRAZY! As we waited for our names to be called we would BEG our mom in Spanish "YO NO MAMI" and she would say "No Te Van A Ser Nada" So,we would start playing in those shiny floors running back and fourth!


I can still hear her..A VOICE I WILL NEVER FORGET! Melinda was always the brave one she always wanted to go first to get it out of the way she would close her eyes and squint while tears rolled down her scared face.

Bey and I had to be chased by my mom, Bridget and Dr long! We were fast! We always wore dresses, so they would catch us by our dress strings! We would shout "CACA PIPI"

To us, that was cursing! My mom was ALWAYS humiliated! We would hold my mothers legs for dear life!.. Imagine Bey on one leg, and me on the other! while Melinda in the corner already enjoying her lolly pop! It literally took the strength of 3 adults to hold Bey and I for that dreaded Shot!

After a while, Bridget would tell my mom to park in the alley and come through the back door right into the "SHOT ROOM" just to avoid all the DRAMA!


  1. I can just see all of the scratch marks, even in the ceiling, left by you and Bey!!!
    By now you can relate to your moms concerns and now you can show all the marking[memories] you guys left behind that even paint can't hide them!!

  2. Awesome, this also brings good memories,oh good ole San Juan!!!! There will be many stories to tell about those days.... You should also talk about Circle G.

  3. Marissa,

    I love all your postings...but this one has taken the cake...I love it...De una vez todas...I wish I had time to make a blog and put up all my pictures and the wonderful laughs...until then, I will continue to enjoy your blogs.



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