Monday, November 17, 2014

Tealyn turning 1 & Night time battles.

I honestly cant believe it's been a whole month since my last  post. 

I have been really busy and well, life just got in the way of this little hobby of mine.

Meanwhile Tealyn turned 

And I just have to say first off that this past year just flew~~

I still remember that sweet moment at the hospital when I first laid my eyes on her.

A moment I will hold in my heart forever.

And, now here we are a year later.
Seems as though, It was just yesterday that I received the greatest, most wonderful 
gift from God.

My sweet Tea

-Fast Forward-

Getting though the night without waking up 3 sometimes 4 times is 


I know this is only temporary, and one day I'll look back and laugh, but for now I'm  tired and running on pure love.

Our routine:
she gets fed dinner at around 5.30 ish, she plays till she gets whiny, she then has a warm bath around 7ish with the calming lavender baby shampoo ( that by the way has not worked), she plays for another 30 minutes or so in the tub, take her out,
I make her a bottle 5, 6, heck sometimes 8 ounces with sometimes even rice.
by this time it's already 8ish.

She goes to bed fine till about  1 sometimes she makes it till 2 she wakes and wants a bottle, her pamper is wet , so I change it and I make her a 4 ounce bottle and bring her to my bed (because I am too exhausted to walk across the house every 2 hours)  Only to wake up again at about 2.30 or 3.30. She starts squirming and making whiny noises, I ignore it for as long as I can, usually 10 minutes, I give her a pacifier and that works 2 seconds 

I wake up and go get her another 2 ounces I have to warm it up and by this time the dog is tired of me turning on kitchen light and stops following me.

I give it to her, and like magic she goes down till 5.30, and if I am lucky 6

Now, If someone out there has a magical solution please let me know I am open to any ideas. 

Now, I know I really should get her off the bottle and from what I know a year is the cut of time, but my pediatrician recommended the transition formula for a little longer, and I don't think she'd like that from a sippie cup in the middle of the night.

Someone told me It takes 3 days to break a cycle and just to prepare myself for an all nighter and lots of crying.  I am just so exhausted I don't think I could get through it.

Sleepless in the Valley.


  1. i can't give you any help on a baby. i'm struggling with my dogs getting me up during the night! :) but at least i don't have to feed or change them - just play doggie doorman. :)

    the first photo in her pink frills is too cute!

  2. This too shall pass. I know it seems like it never will at this point. I never had kids, so I can't help you with any ideas, but I hope someone out there can. She is so beautiful. It's so hard to believe she is one already.

  3. Every situation is different, trust your instinct. There are things that I would do differently, but I am not going to share :) That's because I know you are doing what your mother instinct is telling you. And that's good. And we moms, can totally relate on the sleep deprived issue. See, I should be in bed at this time.

  4. Hi Sweet Friend, I so remember those sleepless nights and the pure exhaustion. Having 11 grands, I have watched my girls walk through this season as well~one daughter has a one year old and is still nursing, the other daughter has a 2 yr old who she hopes to wean by this weekend. I know he will still call out to her saying "snuggle please" during the night. As you said, this past year has flown by, hang on to this season because before you know it she'll be sleeping all night.
    Blessings and joy(as well as energy)to you today.

    1. Thank you Noreen :) Your comment makes me feel better knowing there is someone else going though the same thing.
      Thank you

  5. Your wee sweetie is just lovely. It's hard to imagine she is already a year old. The time with our babies goes so quickly, make the most of every moment of it. The sleepless nights soon pass even though it doesn't seem like it at the time.
    Wishing you peace and rest in the coming days.


  6. She is so cute! I can't believe it's already a year! I am sorry, I don't have any advice for you except, keep on smiling ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  7. Happy 1st birthday! She is such a cutie!!! It's been soooo long since I've had little people that I hardly remember those times.
    Have a great weekend

  8. while you're awake...look at the most precious photos E.V.E.R.

  9. What a cutie pie! Looks as if she had a very happy day.

    Hope that you find the answers for getting you both through the night. It's time and you both deserve a good night's rest.

  10. That is one extremely cute baby!! Remember, this too shall pass and you'll have lots of memories of sleepy nights and cuddles.

  11. Yeah, I'm surprised that she's not sleeping through the night now that she's one. If she's hungrier more than usual, she could be going through a growth spurt. Also, if she's cranky, she could be teething. My babies all took pacifiers to bed with them and they were lifesavers! I did take them away at age one though. I'm sure you and your pediatrician know what's best for her though. It's been a long time since I've had a baby in the house! My youngest is 13. She is beautiful. I love how you decorated the wall above her bed.

  12. Tea is just so cute. Honey, she is hungry and the milk isn't enough. The milk is going right through her making her pee all the time. She is up because her tummy is empty and her diaper is wet. Add more cereal, rice is the best for allergies, and start her on some of the other baby foods. Fruits first to make sure her bowels move with the transition. My kids slept through the night at 6-8 weeks old. Our doctor told me to start feeding Craig cereal and fruits at 10 days old. Only 3 different fruits at first. Peaches if he was constipated, bananas if it was runny and pears if it was all ok. Shoot, he had his first happy meal at 6 months. That boy came out hungry. I can't imagine going a year and not getting a full night's sleep. The kids were eating off of the table some by that age. By a year they were on cow's milk. They took a bottle only to go down with, and were real close to throwing it away. I also kept them up later and put them down when I went to bed. I gave them their baths in the morning, too. Don't know if that matters or not. My kids woke up with theirs and were ready to go for a few hours.

  13. Just wondering how things are going for you - haven't seen a post from you in a while! I've changed my Blog and moved it Please stop by and visit!

    Happy New Year!!

    Jan ♥ (from the old comfortofasafeplace blog)

  14. A Happy Belated Birthday to Tealyn!

    How adorable is your baby girl, Marissa! I love her room, and especially the cheery and pretty wall art! And what a fashionista she is; her pink froufrou dress is darling!



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