Tuesday, October 7, 2014

At home with Tealyn

This little chunky monkey is now into everything and I mean everything. She crawls, she explores, she babbles, she claps to her favorite song, she opens up drawers pulls out everything, she swings doors back and forth, she turns pages to her favorite books, she recognizes certain songs, she chases the dog with her walker, she can climb out of her high chair (scary), she knows the word "no", she can stand by herself for about 5 seconds, bath time is still her favorite, she loves busy beavers on YouTube and this past week she started pronouncing the " M " sound she says mom or mum not sure she knows what that means, but that's okay, I am loving hearing her her say it.
Her new thing is walking around this coffee table. Her goal is to try and grab a pumpkin..
She is full of wonder and curiosity and is non-stop from the minute she wakes.
The poor dog runs away and hides somewhere when Tealyn is on the floor.
If only I could stop time.


  1. Que chula! I know the feeling about stopping time. I see it every time my grand daughter has a birthday. Just keep taking those priceless pictures. Love her big eyes!

    Hugs to baby

  2. What a beautiful baby Tealyn is, wow she is growing so fast! I am so happy for you and hubby for your wonderful blessing! she looks very happy. I am sure the puppy will get used to her on the floor chasing him. He does look a bit worried. Is it fall there? Have a wonderful day with Tealyn, your little blessing from God! xo

  3. she is sooooo adorable!!! She's just too cute to get into trouble. : ) They do grow up fast.. My oldest baby is 23 and my youngest is 15 ~ I love that they are still home and still like to have fun.. but secretly, I miss little humans! Have fun!!

  4. oooh so cute ,,, she is adorable I am sure you say no to her quite often then burst into laughter or a smile ....poor puppy but he has the right idea - just hide :)

  5. My, she is growing, and a wee cutie. Cherish the moments, you don't realise how fast they go until you are looking back.


  6. So, so cute! If she is starting to walk, you're in for it now! Ha, ha. Lovely pictures. Poor little doggie. He has the right idea to hide. Keep taking those pictures. They are great memory keepers.

  7. Awwww!!! You made my night Marissa ;o) Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Such a cute post ;o) Enjoy every second!!!! Time goes by too fast!!!

  8. Hi Marissa,
    Oh my goodness! love love love Tealyn's adorable little face! What a joy she is. Time sure does fly by when you have a baby in the house.
    hugs, Elizabeth

  9. I just want to gather her up and squeeze that chub!

  10. Hi Marissa, I so understand wanting to stop time; it passes so quickly. Hold on to Tealyn tightly, cherish each and every minute. She is a beauty! Sending you hugs today.

  11. Both mother and daughter are energetic and creative beauties! LOVED hearing about Tealyn's trademark moves!


  12. Oh that first photo!!!! Just gorgeous! xox

  13. Oh my enjoy every minute! She is so adorable!


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