Monday, July 28, 2014

Transplant shock

Here's my story...
One day, in early June while visiting my mother.  I look out her window and notice a beautiful 
Mountain Laurel
I mentioned to her how I have been looking for a tree for the corner of my lot.
Next thing you know...
She's got her gardener digging up her tree and shoving it in my SUV
 I drove home and waited for my husband to get home from work to show him my latest surprise.
He planted it that evening and we gave it lots of water. 
It was doing fine for about three days ...
Then slowly the leaves started dropping and before I knew it 
I had no leaves 
I kept watering thinking it would help
So, If any of you bloggers know how I can save this tree please share. I love this tree for its showy bloom clusters in the spring and would just hate it if I lost it


  1. no idea! hope it will make it!

  2. aww that is too bad - I am hoping that you will come with an answer soon. :) keep us posted.

  3. Marissa, I love trees and work with them all the time.
    First of all you have to test the tree. Take a branch and bend it. Does it snap right off? If it does, I am sorry, it is dead or dying.
    If you take the branch and it bends with you. It's still alive.
    Next, take a scrape test. Get a knife and gently scrape off a little of the bark. A very thin section. If it's grey underneath, the tree is dead or dying. If it's yellow or a yellow green colour underneath, she is still alive.
    If you feel she is still alive, have you fertilized it? If you haven't, get some miracle grow and give it a good fertilization ;o) Only do this once ;o) Depending if you get the powder or liquid, it will tell you how much to use ;o)
    After that, you should be keeping the tree roots moist for 6 days straight. By that time, the roots should be established. But, if you are getting dry weather, you might need 2 weeks of watering everyday.
    Hope this helps ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Am trying that right now. Thanks Stacy.

  5. I hope you save your tree. My daughter gave me one about a year ago and I think we've lost it. I kept it planted in the hope that it will come away this spring, but I don't like my chances :( especially after reading the comment above.


  6. Marissa, keep looking for little buds of new growth ;o) They will be very small.

  7. I think it will be back in the spring...don't give up on the things you can't see...lots of good hopefully is happening below the surface. And who might see it bounce back before that!

  8. oh no!! Maybe trim it a little to see if new growth come out.

  9. Oh, no! It was so pretty! Wonder if some of the roots got damaged when they dug it up? I'm no help in fixing it though. Maybe it just takes a bit of time to get used to the new surroundings?

  10. Don't give up on it too soon. My daughter's hibiscus tree came back when we'd nearly given up all hope.

  11. Hi Marissa,

    So sorry to see this, but don't give up! I've had the same thing happen, only with small plants and flowers. I hope you didn't over water it; let it be for a few days, looking for new growth in buds. Perhaps, you could also try another location, as this has worked for me with the potted flowers. Good luck and keep an eye on it.



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