Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Mantel

Hooray I finished!! This Mantel was fun to do, up until I burned a nest while taking pictures. Just as I was starting to smell burn my husband yelled "Fire" a nest that was too close to the votive candle caught fire and was burning. I won't be turning these candles on any more...
This was easy to do! Thank heavens!! I used my old faithful garland stuck some Dollar Tree picks, Cardinals and votives. VoilĂ  magic!!... I love when things just come together!..

I love this picture don't you?


  1. Good job! Gorgeous Mantel

  2. I tuoi addobbi sono bellissimi e la tua casa davvero pronta per il Santo Natale!

  3. Very very beautiful! Really have to be careful with candles, but glad everything is alright. I really think that cardinals make for such a sweet Christmas look.

    P.S. Do you realize that you are a no reply blogger? Just thought I would ask.

  4. Inspiring! Is that picture of the Virgin and Child Spanish?

  5. @ crafty mamacita it it from Peru!

  6. Hi Maressa. Beautiful. Love the red birds. Be careful with those so close to the candles.
    Have you been able to reach your swap partner. I gave her your email again. She said she hadn't been able to reach you.
    Again, beautiful decorations.

  7. Your mantel looks stunning! Buy some of the faux votive lights and stick them in the candles! I have had near fires before myself!

  8. It looks so pretty with the outdoor bird theme. So glad that you were nearby to catch that nest on fire before it caused damage! Christmas is a busy time for firemen. I love the red cardinals.

  9. What a beautiful mantel-I love the Cardinals! You've got a great eye for design; I am glad you stopped by my blog because I think I want to really go through all your old posts, it is so lovely here.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. Whoa that looks beautiful! I wish we had a fireplace at my house to decorate! Oh well, we have put up lots of happy lights and other Christmas decor.


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