Monday, November 5, 2012

Bird watching 101

Two week-ends ago, we woke up to a nice cool front and decided to go for a bike ride at Bentsen State Park. As we were leaving we noticed many professional, out of town, bird watchers with fancy cameras that had lenses a mile long we decided to stick around and see what they were taking pictures of.
Very quietly I may add... (I quickly learned that is the first rule in bird watching)
I also learned - you have to have a good pair of binoculars something I don't have.
Always remember to keep your camera steady and ready to snap all while trying to focus...
Try not to get too excited when you see a Cardinal and disturb the peace..
Patience always helps!

And if you have a GOOD EYE...
You might just spot an Owl..                       See it?
I loved taking pictures of all the birds! Aren't they neat?... I think I discovered a new hobby...oh boy..


  1. Marissa, que bonito fotos tomaste!!
    y que bonito los pajaros me gustó!

  2. Love,love love all the pictures! I must say you did an awesome job of capturing all those great pictures! the Owl & the Oriel were my favorite! Cardinals are common in our area, so we see those often. I think that's a fun hobby to get into.xoxox kim

  3. They r just beautiful hope u keep it up. Its so interesting and most of all its Gods work how awesome.

  4. Marissa, those are great pictures of the birds. The orange one is a Baltimore Oriole, the green one is a Green Jay and of course you know my favorite one the Cardinal.
    How awesome , you did a good job and I loved Trey;s pictures.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love ya!!!


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