Thursday, September 6, 2012

Talavera Love..

A few years ago I started collecting Mexican Talavera for my first home in Mission.  I loved the many different patterns and designs and loved how instantly it brightened my kitchen. Living here so close the border we would go to Nuevo Progresso on Sunday's and bring back a few plates at a time after a few trips I had enough to fill a my whole dining room wall  (it was a small dining room) from top to bottom. (when I find that picture I will post it)

When we moved here two years ago, I knew didn't want the same look for my kitchen after all I was in a "newer home". I wasn't sure how or if I would use them I kept playing and playing and well, this is how I pulled it off.... I think...

I bought some red pottery from Hobby lobby on sale at 65% off brought it home and started playing with it..I told Romeo I thought the red pottery was too RED after rolling his eyes his response was..."too bad you have to live with it" :(
I put some plates in my book shelves
then after a couple of days staring at them I took some off.  I love the talavera touch in my living room, I'm just not sure of the red I'm thinking of painting the back of the shelf ...... it never ends does it?

What do you think?


  1. I say paint, paint, paint!!!

    xo, Brin

  2. I say paint, paint, paint!!!
    XO, Brin

  3. Marissa,
    those are beautiful plates you have there! They go well with the red too! I probably would paint the background just to give it some warmth..

    you are right it never ends


  4. Thanks guys!! I think I will paint just need to find the right color..

  5. Sweetie , loved the red it sure does pop, if u paint remember red is a strong color. You might want to bring the red somewhere else in the room to continue the flow. Only a suggestion.

  6. I like the red pottery with the plates!;)


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