Saturday, August 25, 2012

Avocado Tree..

While house sitting for my sister in law and her family over the summer, I noticed her neighbors huge Avocado tree that was growing over my sister in laws fence. I had never seen an avocado tree this full of avocados before, so on the next trip back I made sure to bring my camera.
and a plastic bag for picking! I kept thinking guacamole with chips...
the more I picked the more my mind would  race with endless possibility's tostada's with avocado, orange avocado chicken, avocado with a plain corn tortilla, guacamole with chips....
between my husband and I, we managed to pick two HEB plastic bags full.
and this is what I made a simple chunky guacamole and chips for dipping...yummy~~~


  1. yumalicious!!! send me some!!! perfect for mahi mahi fish tacos...
    love ya, Brin

  2. What a yummy post! I had never seen avocados hanging like that.. Thanks for sharing.


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