Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life's Little Interruptions

Life... "Let me interrupt your life for just a bit to let you know that if you don't clean those coils your going to have a $$$ major problem"

And, that is exactly what happened yesterday when our AC gave out!

After a long restless, humid night a friend of my brother in law's arrived ready to clean those coils. He had already determined that all it needed was just a cleaning. Thank God!

We were so happy to see him so early in the morning!
He pointed out that when its this dirty it stops making contact to protect itself.
Apparently it hadn't been clean in 10 yrs...
Look at all that dirt...
He than came inside to unsolder a copper pipe.
And, I thought he was just coming over to power wash the unit.
After, the coils were clean he gave us a couple of tips on how to maintain our unit simple things that can make a big difference! So, our life was interrupted for a day and in the end we paid $150.00 but, in the process I learned a few things.

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