Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween and my crazy week....

Have you ever had a week when everything happened in a flash?... This week was that week... before I knew it Halloween was here!.. and I had to go go go....

Is it just me or does anyone have the same problem on Monday mornings?

On the way to see this guy (who's name is Eloy who probably thinks I have a thing for him cause I see him sometimes twice a week)... I will get back to him in a bit.

I SEE THIS... And it is becoming way to familiar.

Okay, getting back to Eloy I got wind damage on one of my most admired plants. The more I looked at it the more I knew it had to go. The plant looked wimpy and burned beyond recognition,so I took my shovel and pulled it out! Eloy works at Mid Valley Garden and Pond Supply which is couple of miles from my house and that makes it very covenient especially when you have to replace a plant in a zippy. I see him often because as you know, I am a little obsessed with my yard. (Aside from Lilly at Valley Garden Center in Mcallen) Eloy knows all there is to any type of plant he is extremely knowledgeable!

This week my sister and I have visited countless fabric stores. The weird thing is I really don't know why?. really.. I know she mentioned something about re-doing her sofas, but she had already bought several yards of fabric a couple of weeks ago. I also bought a couple of yards of black twall fabric that same week. I know there is a reason I just can't remember Now that's weird...

In the midst of all this I have been baking galore! I got this fabulous Cheesecake recipe from my friend Shannon at Afternoon coffee with shannon can you believe this has about a pound of cheese? It was heaven..

I also made a carrot cake from scratch and put the cheesecake in between layers. and when I turned Romeo took pinch and gave me a thumbs up.. I literally made a couple until I got the right recipe, but that's a whole other blog..

At the end of the week I visited a Talavera store in San Juan.. I needed more plates for my collection and who wants to go into Mexico these days?

On Saturday I spent decorating my yard for the trick or treaters. I love these velvet Pumpkins..

I don't think these girls said "Trick or Treat"..

My niece Vianae.. Monique and Eddies youngest.

And before I knew it....I couldn't keep up with the supply!


  1. That was a great story, loved the creativity and all the short stories on each photo. Keep up the good blogging



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