Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is here...

Did I ever tell you that in my early teens 18ish maybe 19ish I wrecked my sisters Honda Prelude while eating one of these and trying to drive standard? Yes! Its true I wrecked her car on Shary Rd. I did not have her permission to take the car for a spin, didn't know how to drive standard, and on top of that, I was eating a Grape Popsicle... A must blog!

Which brings me to my two nieces Robyn and Meagan who will be taking Drivers Ed this Summer... every Mothers nightmare! and every teens dream. Best of luck to the both of them!...

This Summer I am reading " The Daughters of Juarez" A true story of serial murder South of the Border. This page turner has opened my eyes at the incompetence of law enforcement and government in Mexico! This story tells of the many poor victims as young as 10 who were kidnapped,raped, and mutilated and left in the scorching hot cactus deserts while, families had no where to turn, no money for proper burial's and no trust in local law enforcement.. This book is Chilling! and so very true.. I highly recommend it!

I don't think this picture is at all flattering!.. I am also working on my "Summer Tan" while we wrap things up with our "NEW" Mortgage Co. another blog must!!

I think I may need a Pedicure!...

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