Saturday, May 15, 2010

Furniture Sold!

Today I sold my Living room set that had been with me since I got married. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not very sentimental over pieces of furniture but, I have to say that those sofas were dear to my heart because they were my first set! When we were first married, like most newly wed couples, we didn't have two pennies to rub together. We had saved enough money for our wedding and our budget was extremely tight! We were in the midst of remodeling a house we had just rented, and were pinching our pennies so tight I could hear Lincoln scream! My father in law who at the time worked for a furniture store was generous enough to give us an amazing never before heard of discount! We will always be immensely grateful to him for his kind hearted gift!

As much as I loved this sofa set I will never make the mistake and buy pattern! I will buy solid and change pillows, rugs and accessories! I remember decorating this living room and thinking life couldn't get any better! How I loved my OLD home for its character and personality!

My $19.99 Dollar Store Curtains I was so proud of.. I wish I hadn't sold that hutch I could of used it for my "Milk glass" Collection.

My little RED room... I had Romeo install the chandelier... Ahh...How I miss my Casita at 1508 Doherty.

NOTE: One of my pictures has the wrong date It should of read 2004


  1. Your x-house was so post card pretty . Too bad you let it go. The time will come that you will see a house or better yet build a house to the way you really like.LUV-U

  2. I remember visiting you once with my sister had a lamberge honey suckle to be exact....I went and got the same one since I loved it in your home


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