Monday, May 23, 2016


I have read that play is very important part of  brain development, it helps with their imagination, helps them cognitively, promotes creativity helps them explore and learn from their environment and oodles of other good stuff their little brains need and plus it's fun and way better than any device app designed to attract our little ones from real play

So, I  take play and activity time seriously every morning after breakfast we do some sort of play/learn activity. We have lots of fun together she looks forward to it and I secretly do too, it beats folding laundry any day.

I have different bins set up with all sorts of activities crafts, sand play, playdoh, blocks, etc...

Here she is exploring with cake batter. Oh the fun..

She really enjoys all these activities, and I really enjoy watching her explore and play. There are times we just lay on the hammock and read books, take a walk and talk about our surroundings. Two is such a fun age. Any activity or play makes her so happy.


  1. This is one gorgeous little girl - she is concentrating so hard. You are very blessed :)


  2. So precious! I want to come over and play too! Beautiful post! Big hugs and much love!

  3. What a beauty she is. I love all her little bows in her hair. You are so smart to give her all of these things to do. It really does help in their development. Besides, it's fun!

  4. that is awesome - this helps with so much development we cannot begin to know. and wow - she is definitely a smart little girl - i can tell . :)

  5. She is just so cute and I am so glad that are able to be a stay at home mom. Kids need their parents, not someone else during these early years. Folding socks can wait, so can most things. She will not. She will keep growing and learning and you need to be right there with her. And you will learn far more from her than you can every teach her. ;) I love that you love being a mom.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words...


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