Friday, January 16, 2015

Cold days in the valley.

I am very grateful for South Texas winters where most of time they are mild.
You can honestly get away with wearing shorts and flip-flops all year, but there are some years that it really does get
And anything lower than 70* is considered 
If you come to my town, and there happens to be a cold front you will
long lines at Krispy Kreme donuts, longer lines at Delia's tamales, everyone and I mean everyone sporting their boots, scarfs mittens and even
And It doesn't ever snow here
 Well, once in 2004 and that was literally a 
 A post for the future...

Today it is 43*
I am looking out the window it is gorgeous the sun has finally peaked though it's been really cloudy, cold and wet. Tealyn is napping, I've got the washer and dryer going, and I'm on my second cup of coffee. We have been cooped up in this house for what feels like forever...  I promise I'm not complaining, I know some of you have it way colder than us, and I can't even imagine that, but when you have a baby who wants to explore walking everywhere and is drooling, fussy and irritable from teething and it's drizzling for the 4th day straight well, you can go a little crazy trying to come up with different baby indoor playing activities without having to resort to TV and the Ipad. 

Now it is 1.00 pm 
here we 

 A very slow pace stroller ride around our neighborhood and then afterwards we lay on the hammock, sing songs and feel the nice warmth of the sun on our faces.

Then later...
vegetable soup

 This is what we Texans eat when temperatures drop a few degrees
even if it's only in the 50's now.

What is your cold day like?


  1. the soup looks delicious! i can understand the cabin fever you're having. i was surprised to see a freeze and heavy frost overnight here when we're supposed to warm to 60 today! woo hoo! come on, sunshine!

  2. It is 35 and feels like a heat wave. I got out and ran some errands. Everything is pretty icy since the snow melted a little.

  3. It is 35 and feels like a heat wave. I got out and ran some errands. Everything is pretty icy since the snow melted a little. Your little one is so cute. The soup looks good.

  4. It is 35 and feels like a heat wave. I got out and ran some errands. Everything is pretty icy since the snow melted a little. Your little one is so cute. The soup looks good.

    1. Wow, that's cold! I would of never left my home.

  5. Today it is very hot for us, it is 27 degs celsius which I think converts to about 80 degs F. We are indoors keeping out of the sun. It is midsummer here, winter drops to around 1 deg C or thereabouts which is 33/34 degs F. Rain, sometimes snow and wind.

    Have a lovely day,

  6. Marissa, we've been having wacky weather, here, too, and as you know it snowed here, which is truly crazy for Crete! That Caldo looks delicious and perfect for such chilly days!


  7. It is all relative, girl!! We are NOT used to the cold. 43 is FREEZING and I always say that if I wanted to live in the cold, I would move further north. LOL! So glad you and Tealyn were able to get outside for awhile. Sure improves our outlook. ;) blessings ~ tanna
    ps the caldo looks delicious!

  8. I understand how you feel. Tealyn looking as precious as always. Your caldo looks delicious and is always a favorite of mine on those cold, damp and dreary days. Stay warm!

  9. I was in 29 degree weather today so 40 degrees sounds like a heat wave to me! Tealyn is so darling. Give her a big hug from me. I have never heard of or seen caldo. Looks interesting.

  10. She is just the most beautiful baby girl...I love those big, dark eyes.
    LOL on your cold weather. We are dreary here today after many days of sun and 50s, which in not usual for us at all in January. The cold is coming back and the snow, but it was nice while it lasted. Spent many days with my babies in the floor in the sun spot. Playing with blocks and toys. Tickling them until they burst with giggles. Teaching them the names of things, colors and little songs. Winter is great for rocking and ready fairy tales...and staying home away from all the germs floating around out there. There was always laundry to do at that age and multiple shirt changes when they were teething trying to keep them dry and warm. Enjoy this time, next year will be so different. And every year after that. The older she gets, the less she will need from you...and you will miss these winter days.

  11. I so enjoyed the day here on this post with you!

  12. That first photo of your little girl is so cute! I have been scrolling back to find a picture of her because she has always grown so much. I am sure that she keeps you busy with all of her toddler busyness and curiosity.

    Winter boots do keep the feet warm. I am tempted to wear them in the house. The vegetable soup looks warming and yummy. I am making soup for supper...ravioli soup. We try to keep warm on the sub-zero days by playing the fake fire, baking something, and bundling up on the sofa with blankets. Yes, it's all very exciting.

    Thank you for popping by.


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