Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our summer 2014

It seems like this year summer just flew by, and now here we are in September.  And although it was HOT, STICKY and full of annoying mosquitoes I loved every moment spent with this little one. 

Here's how we rolled almost every day.
We did lots of morning mini photo shoots.

 Afternoon pool time to break the routine was fun
 It helped with nap time or at least it made her tired enough to go down easier.
My nephew down-loaded this addicting game and we challenged each other almost everyday, I ended up getting stuck here. Can you help me solve it?
Transitioned her into her crib 
We bought a new car and I was enjoying it until I had a horrible, terrifying  incident that happened to me that I will share with you on the next post.
We did a lot of lazy evening hammock swinging.
And some fun beach time.

So long summer 2014 


  1. she is SO cute! adorable. and, no, i couldn't solve the puzzle. :)

  2. Seriously, can she be any cuter. Love all that chubbiness. Hope you didn't have a bad accident. Yikes.

  3. Marissa, you had a magical summer with your beautiful baby girl with the pretty brown eyes!!
    Glad you are okay with regards to the incident you mentioned!! Stay safe and happy autumn, which is soon upon us!


  4. that is one precious babe! what a little sack of sugar...hope your incident wasn't too bad...glad you are obviously ok. cant' wait to see the fall photo shoot!!!

  5. that baby is adorable i love the picture of you and her together...what a wonderful summer it was ...i hope the incident with the car wasn't serious and that you are OK. :) XO

  6. what a sweet baby doll and she had a great summer

    I sure hope the new car story ends good ?

  7. I love the pictures! So cute!
    I can't solve the puzzle? Sorry!
    I hope you are ok from this incident? Not good!
    Big Hugs xoxoox

  8. Hello! LOL- yeah, I finally made it over! Love the photos you have been taking with your new camera! I will have to check that one out. I use a cannon, but just a point and click one.
    That baby is growing so fast...but it looks like you made the best out of a very hot summer there. She looks so happy. Love you landscaping along the fence. Our water bills here are high anyway, $75- 95 a month without doing much at all. The price for water in a small town.
    I tired that stupid game! I finally gave up. LOL- I didn't have anyone to play with, though.

  9. looks like a great Summer...beside the car incident. Glad you are ok.

  10. What a great summer you have had! And how big Tealynn has gotten. Pretty soon she won't be a baby anymore. She looks so happy in every picture (and so very, very cute!).

  11. Hi Marissa, Your girl is such a beauty and I loved reading about your summer-except with the issue with your car-just hope you didn't get into an accident. Sending you warm hugs today.
    Love on your girl for me.

  12. It looks like you two girls have had a fun summer swimming and lazing about. I love the little pink flower in her hair.

  13. Oh, my goodness, Marissa. You have enjoyed such a sweet summer... full of all the things that are most important in life! The very first photo and the last NEED to be framed. ;) Pure preciousness. blessings ~ tanna

  14. Fun Summer! I like the post...What good memories in the making and you have it here on this page. Love it.


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