Thursday, June 12, 2014

La lomita chapel

I had completely forgotten I had taken these pictures until yesterday that I was clearing out some of the pictures I had already posted.

 La lomita chapel is a historic landmark here Mission TX. We went there the week before Tealyn was born in October, I remember that because I was a basket case.
I remember we stopped here on the way back from a bird park and, I had so many things on my mind. The weight on my shoulders was heavy.
I kneeled here at this altar and prayed for God's peace. I prayed for the baby, the birth mother, and asked God for his will and not mine.
I remember after that prayer, I felt so much peace.
I sat here for a while meditating 
just staring at this floor.
I left my petition here.
And a week later on November 1st 2013
My prayers were answered.

Everything fell into place exactly where God intended them to be. He has taken care of birth mother and I will forever be so grateful for her strong unselfish courage. 

PS: I am so grateful I found these pictures.


  1. What a beautiful church. My sister lives in Edinburg and as many times as I've visited the Valley I didn't know it was there. That will definitely be a must visit next time I'm down there.

    Yes, God heard your prayers and allowed that peace within you. Trust and belief is so very powerful.


    1. Thank you Pat..
      Yes, you must see this beautiful chapel.

  2. Another amazing story of prayer followed by Peace, which can only come from our Father! You make a wonderful mother, Marissa.

    I love the photos of the church...after researching it I see that it was originally constructed in 1865 and then later destroyed by flood waters and in 1899 it was reconstructed. That's the year my grandmother was born. She's been gone 20+ years now.

    Thanks for checking in on me and leaving me the sweetest comment. I'd love to have you for my neighbor too!


  3. truly beautiful. and a special place to give you hope and comfort. :)

  4. beautiful...i know your prayer was answered there; as I was looking at these pictures I had this overwhelming feeling come over me ...I have know idea why I am sharing this but it feels so spiritual and divine is that correct...thank you for sharing!!!

  5. Such a beautiful church. It reminds me of the one where my daughter got married. It was on a mountain top and could only seat 30 people. Beautiful prayer answered.

  6. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey for Tealyn with us, it's really quite moving. We have a wonderful God.


  7. What a perfect place to kneel before the throne. I can feel his peace in that place from your photos. Its where you needed to be at that time. I am so glad that God answered your prayers, that he placed this wonderful child in your arms and hearts forever. That the birth mom is being helped by angels for such an amazing act of love. ;)

  8. I am so grateful you found these pictures too ;o) A very meaningful post! I love this Chapel! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Such a beautiful chapel to speak to God in, such a blessing he has brought into your lives :)

  10. Things always happens the way God wants them too. I am glad you felt peace after your prayer and that God gave you the desire of your heart. Tealyn is a special gift from God. I pray the birth mother has found peace also.

  11. Thank you for sharing this. Dios es tan grande!

  12. Marissa, I' m glad that you found these wonderful pictures. I love the inspirational story. Thank God for blessing you and your precious little girl.

  13. Dear Marissa,

    This little chapel, serene and spiritual and sacred, was all the space that was needed for God to hear your prayers, and answer them. Thank you for this most beautiful post on La Lomita chapel, a lovely, quiet oasis in Mission, Texas.


  14. I am so glad you found peace in that quiet little chapel. And look at the results, your daughter was born healthy and strong!

  15. They are a great collection of pictures and a time to remember that God so clearly answered your prayer.

  16. this is one of my favorite posts...I will travel far and wide to find a little church like that...they are so near heaven. So glad you found your photos too...what a blessing for us all!

  17. it was so strange to see the photos of this chappel today. I got married there in 1987 but sadly to say it must of not been Gods will because my marraige was ended by my husbands betrayal in 1998. I does,however bring back memories of a beautiful memory. You are so blessed with your beautiful daughter and I was also blessed with a wonderful husband for 8 years, fron 2001 to 2008 until he was called home to Heaven from a four year vout with colon cancer. Gods love, family and friends are the blessings we truly need and should value the most. Blessings to you and your precious family.


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