Friday, May 9, 2014

Back Yard make over Phase 1 The fence.

Its been a while I know, but I really, really have been so busy
 between getting our backyard fence,  baptismal classes, and so
  many other things that life throws at you , I honestly had not had a chance for blogging. I am trying to catch up every chance I get . Right now, its perfect. She is napping, I have the dryer going, my phone is off  and praise God the kitchen is clean.

The fence:
Here's the deal... never underestimate the power of privacy.
I will never take that for granted again.

Its amazing.
Tealyn and I have been reading books in the shade, lying lazy in the hammock, looking at birds, listening to sesame street classic music on pandora.  And I feel confident that no one is staring or noticing that I am wearing my trusty black stretchy yoga pants 3 days in a row.

And, even though,  I got a little sick with the cedar dust (allergies) and felt light headed for several days.

I still think it was worth it. 
Stay tuned for phase 2 landscaping.
I am so excited.....


  1. it looks beautiful! i hope it lasts for years and years!

  2. Oh, Marissa, you and I are on the same wavelength. My husband and I want a privacy fence so badly and haven't been able to afford it. Hopefully it will happen this summer. There is nothing like privacy. Yours looks so nice.

    1. Kathy, I have been waiting since we bought this home, and it was always something that would get in the way. expenses here and there.
      I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Hi, Having lived most of my life in Ca., privacy fences were the norm. Here in Colorado, not so much. I totally understand your feelings though. Hopefully your allergies will be over soon.
    Happy Mother's Day to you Marissa.

  4. Looks great! We have used 6' tall bamboo fence over the existing chain link for the last 8 years. Eventually I would like a real privacy fence, cedar would be good, the other plastic maintenace free stuff, even better. We will see.

    1. There is nothing like privacy!!
      I am loving it Daniela

  5. Oh, that looks so good! I so need one across the back to keep the coyotes out at night. They are creeping closer and closer to town. SO glad you got it us so you can hang out in your yoga pants!
    Tealyn is so adorable! Love those cheeks.

    1. Coyotes?
      I would be so scared to go outside....

  6. It looks awesome no all you need in the gorgeous yard is a play ground and maybe a sandbox for your adorable daughter!!!! LOL!

    Have a wonderful Mothers' Day ( # 1 have a grand day)


  7. Happy Mother's Day ;o) You have a beautiful big backyard and now you have a beautiful fence too! Congrats ;o)

  8. Happy Mother's Day Marissa. Thinking of you and your special gift on this day :) Oh, and the fence looks lovely too :)

    1. HI There Maria~
      Thank you not a day goes by that I don't think of Gods timing for us and his special gift to us our Tealyn Rose.

  9. Slowly but surely...
    and I can't wait either.

  10. Looking very nice...fences do make good neighbors....

  11. Hi Marissa,
    I love a new fence, so fresh and new it always makes the yard look so pretty. I can't wait to see what else you are doing in your yard. (a play set for the baby maybe?)
    I know how you feel sometimes life keeps us real and very busy and there is just not enough time in the day for all the house and family needs to blog.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


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