Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its 7.00pm

That's my favorite time of the day! why?...well, That's when all my lamps come on I light my candle, I grab my favorite blanket, (an old thin Summer quilt that Romeo and I always fight for) we catch up on the day's event's, and we turn the TV on to a good show and relax. I love to smell a good candle burning! Don't you? I love the fresh clean feel of a shower and pj's while I snuggle up in my living room sometimes I glance off to see the glow of the pumpkins in the candlelight... nothing can be more relaxing than that! If you don't believe me ask Burt & Ernie....

What is your favorite time of day?


  1. yup.. that is the best time! especially when i get to watch my shows!

  2. Great post Marissa!!! For me its breakfast time no, kids no husband just me and my newspaper!!!
    love that time...
    BTW... I love your entrance table decor!!!

  3. Marissa, your blog was very well put togather and enjoyed the pictures very much. On behalf of my wife and I, we wish you and Romeo a wonderful HOLIDAY.


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